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Oct 1, 2012 11:09 AM

Thali eating Cambridge/vicinity?

I may have posted this before, if so, apologies.

I am looking for an Indian/Pakistani restaurant where the food is served from a thali.
Any suggestions?


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  1. I love Dosa Temple's veg thali. It's across from Market Basket in Somerville. Usually comes with about 3 different vegetables, yogurt, rice, an idli, some chapatis, and a couple kinds of pickle. Delish!

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    1. Funny you mention thali. Recently walked by Shalimar/Dosa Factory on Mass. Ave in Central Sq. The outside of the shop is now decorated with thali (empty), affixed to the walls in grid-like pattern. Menu doesn't refer to thali.

      Punjabi Dhaba (Inman Sq.) serves food on thali I'm pretty sure, though I don't see the set meal on the menu.

      Desi Dhaba (Central Sq.) has it on the menu, served from a thali.

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      1. re: deglazer

        OK, I checked out the thali at Desi Dhaba.

        Year ago I lived in Karachi, I was a very green westerner, the food was usually too hot for me, BUT
        I loved the ways of non-western eating. But I haven't experienced this for awhile and I want to get back to it. I can't remember precisely how to eat from a thali (this is a little embarrassing). There is rice in the middle of the dish and food in little tins around the middle. I seem to remember taking a piece of naan and wrapping it around food and then eating. I also remember learning how to eat rice with my fingers, it's quite skill.

        Can someone please give me some tips about thali etiquette?
        I'd be very grateful!


        1. re: sweetfern

          You're right with the bread scooping trick.

          Don't let the food travel past the first knuckle. Right hand only. Enjoy the tactile sensation of really getting to know your food; I guarantee it'll taste more delicious! Enjoy.

          1. re: Prav

            Hi Prav,

            Do I use the bread scooping trick with the little dishes, too? I remember eating rice very delicately with my fingers, no bread. I need a lesson, maybe I'll go to Youtube.
            Or you could give me a blow by blow. Thanks for your help.


            1. re: sweetfern

              Thanks, guys, I went to youtube and saw examples of thali eating.
              Basically, you put some of the stuff in the little bowls on the rice in the middle, and
              scoop up with your fingers (or the little piece of naan). But it's necessary to wash hands afterwards. I will bring little packets to tear open and use the dampened paper inside.
              This seems best.