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Oct 1, 2012 10:53 AM

Yogurt Lab - Minneapolis

I'm guessing this question will be answered with links to any number of recent threads on this, but I couldn't find any. Has anyone tried the Yogurt Lab (2 locations, but I was in the IDS Center skyway location)?

I normally despise frozen yogurt and find these "create your own then pay by weight" places a ripoff. Although it is, indeed, a ripoff ($4.50 for three tiny blobs of yogurt and almost no toppings at all), the flavors at Yogurt Lab were very well done. It's still nowhere near as good as real ice cream or gelato (IMO) and I probably won't be rushing back in, but I'm glad I didn't dismiss this place entirely.

FWIW, I had the salted caramel, the green apple and the dark chocolate (with a dusting of the cayenne pepper from the toppings bar). If I do go back, I might get more creative with the combinations (they have things like olive oil on the toppings bar and a couple of the flavors were more intended for bases like the Greek Yogurt flavor).

Anyhow, thought I'd put it on the Chowhound map for any lovers of this kind of thing or Mpls skyway dwellers looking for something different.

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  1. I might have to try that. A friend dragged me to Cherry Berry. Most of their flavors have that artificial tasting tang that bad frozen yogurt has. And I couldn't believe when we got to the register and saw a tip jar. I assembled the damn thing - they should be tipping me! ;)

    1. I'm generally against the concept on principle; as you say, ice cream and gelato taste so much better and often have better-quality ingredients. Also, people go to a frozen "yogurt" store with the preconceived notion that it is healthier than ice cream - this has always seemed vaguely deceptive to me! That said, the flavors/toppings sound more interesting than can generally be found at most TC ice cream joints, so maybe this Yogurt Lab has an edge....

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        "the flavors/toppings sound more interesting than can generally be found at most TC ice cream joints..." Wow, really? Toppings I could see, but I feel like we've got kind of a ridiculously good flavor selection at the local places around here.

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          Try Freestyle Yogurt in St. Paul. I generally don't like these types of places either, but Freestyle does an excellent job. Great flavor yogurts, which, when I go, I usually leave naked or which a light topping of granola. Most of their yogurts are fat free or low fat.

          For what it is, it's great flavor at a reasonable price.