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Oct 1, 2012 10:30 AM

M&M Ribs [swoon]

My (Southern import) girlfriend and I have fallen head-over-heels in love with M&M Ribs. We found them first at SoWa two Sundays ago, and on Saturday night we tracked them down on Hampden Street to get a more comprehensive taste.

Awesome. Just... awesome.

By the time we got to them at SoWa, they had sold out of everything except the beef brisket sandwich. We got one, and the two of us and another friend stood in the middle of the hall eating it. By the second bite we were ripping hunks out of it, all pretense of decorum gone, and before even wiping the sauce off her face my gf was back at the truck howling at them about how she can't ever find good barbecue up north, and that they had just changed her life. Fortunately, they took her lunatic ravings as the compliment she had intended - reinforced when, five minutes later, she went back for another sandwich.

This past Saturday night we took advantage of the full menu: a half-rack of beef ribs (pork ribs also available; beef ribs Friday and Saturday only), two beef brisket sandwiches, a large side of collard greens, and a large side of mac and cheese (which came to I think $35). The lovely woman helping us was plainly giggling at the amount of food we had ordered for just the two of us, but we couldn't help ourselves.

Everything was *delicious*, and easily survived the 20-minute drive home. (The buns on the brisket sandwich got a bit soft, but the amount of meat means that I'd struggle to pick it up and eat it anyway, so eating it on a plate would have been my choice regardless.) All of the meat was tender, juicy and perfectly sauced (excellent flavour; not in the least soupy or covering-up-y); the brisket was liberally flecked with burnt ends; the collards still had some bite to the texture; and the mac and cheese was creamy and oh my god, I'm so hungry.

The servings were big, so we did have some leftovers, but I think we'd have been a bit ashamed of ourselves if we hadn't. We left them as a gift for my father, and he has been singing their praises ever since.

I will note that there's nowhere at the Hampden Street site to sit, so be prepared to eat in the car or bring the food somewhere; I will also note (for myself as much as anyone) that you can't include a tip on your credit card, and these workers of magic *definitely* deserve tips, so have a bit of cash on-hand for the jar.

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  1. 1 of my favorite BBQ guys in Boston..also availabe from their truck which I get at City Hall pretty regularly.

    1. This place is 5 minutes from my office and just discovered it.

      So unreal. My co-worker and I just split a full rack. I wish the ribs had a little more smoke on them. The BBQ sauce will take me weeks to re-construct at home. Absolute perfection.

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      1. re: typhoonfish

        Maybe I need to try these again. Last time I tried the ribs they looked and tasted like they had been boiled and slapped on the grilled just to give marks. There wasn't a hint of smoke ring.

        1. re: tallullah

          I was there early in the morning and they were putting ribs on that didn't look boiled. They probably use hickory smoke powder in their sauce.

            1. re: typhoonfish

              Pitt Stop has a proper cavernous oven but i have no idea if they cook anything in it besides the chicken. and Kingsford charcoal bags can be seen hanging around.. pulled pork mainly tastes like pork.. with liberal amounts of red pepper flakes. tremendous amounts of smoke can be seen venting up into the atmosphere when theyre open

              1. re: ix9

                I don't understand the point of your post..maybe you can enlighten.

                Pit (sp) puts out great BBQ. I've seen chicken, rib racks and pork shoulders in their smoker. The region of SC that the owner comes from uses red pepper flakes in their pulled pork. When they're open (many Southern BBQ places have fairly limited hours) generates tremendous amounts of smoke.
                Yeah, so? Isn't that a good thing?