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Oct 1, 2012 10:22 AM

creamed honey—who knew

stumbled upon a small plastic container of creamed honey at Trader Joe's this weekend. had never heard of it before but it's a delicious alternative to pure honey—crystallized honey that spreads like butter, which makes it much easier to handle, and has a softer flavor with less of that "honey" aftertaste.
(read about it here):

spooned a couple of teaspoons of it over figs and put them on the grill, then served with a new ice cream I found at Ralphs—their Private Selection Sweet Honey Baklava, "pieces of baklava, walnut and honey sauce folded into honey ice cream" (there's a theme here).

perfect dessert for scorching October days. just remember to never serve honey to babies.....

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  1. Whipped honey has been around for a while although it's not basic stock in all markets. Love discovering new things.

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      so is whipped the same as creamed?

    2. The softer flavor is probably because of the air that's beaten into the honey. That's what makes it opaque.

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        Well, I guess I got that one wrong! Thanks for posting the Wikipedia article.

      2. Oh...brings back memories!!! We used to buy this in Canada when I was a kid and we were on ski vacations there. It was the only place we ever bought it. LOVED it!! We used to eat it on toasted English Muffins with a little butter underneath the honey. Bought it in a little town in Quebec in the local IGA.

        1. I'd forgotten about this and must buy some, today. It's amazing by itself on toast.

          1. this could be a bigger comeback than nutella.

            btw, posted this originally on the LA board and no idea where I am now—feel trapped in some Twilight Chowzone. help!

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              LOL! We're nice people here, too! And since creamed/whipped honey is available elsewhere than just at TJs, it was probably moved by the Mods to General Topics.