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Oct 1, 2012 08:33 AM

quiet business lunch in reasonable proximity to Penn Station

I'm looking for a place for a business lunch for three people, within a 30 to 40 block cab ride from Penn Station as two of the participants are coming into town just for the lunch. We will require a low noise level, and booth availability would be best for some privacy and room to spread out papers. Last time we met at Maialino, which was perfect, but I'd like to choose someplace different this time.

Many posters in the past have suggested Maialino for its $29 prix-fixe menu, but that now seems to be $39, which isn't a problem except that it doesn't look like it includes choices, and that's essential given potential differing tastes and dietary restrictions.

I'm quite interested in trying Marea, but does anyone know about the seating style there, or the noise level?

I've also thought about del Posto or Aldea, but again I haven't been to either and I'm not sure about seating and noise.

Any other suggestions, or info on the above, are appreciated.

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  1. Do you mean 3 to 4 block cab ride? 40 blocks from Penn Station would not be a reasonable proximity in my opinion.

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    1. re: bronwen

      No, a 30 block cab ride--15 or 20 minutes--would be fine. The out of towners are taking a 2+ hour train ride just for the lunch meeting and would probably appreciate getting to a different neighborhood.

    2. Check out NoMad on 28th and Broadway. Tables look large enough to spread out a few papers.

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      1. re: RCC

        Yes, I thought about the NoMad (though wondered about noise level), but I should have specified earlier, nothing too trendy or hipster-y is appropriate for this meeting.

      2. I meant Tocqueville, not Maialino, for the $29 or $39 lunch. Sorry.

        1. Marea might work. I'd also recommend Ai Fiori.

          I like Del Posto but the piano music doesn't seem conducive to a business lunch.

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          1. re: H Manning

            Ai Fiori is a great suggestion. A wonderful restaurant with superb cocktails and wine and a very businesslike atmosphere.

            Another possibility is Tocqueville. The menu on their site is from September, so it might be different now. Their $29 prix fixe in my experience is magnificent (actually, both times I went, the charged Restaurant Week prices for it), but choices are limited. See what you think:

            1. re: Pan

              Thanks--Yes I had looked into tocqueville, above, but I believe their prix fixe is now $39 and has no choices.

              1. re: equilibrist

                What's your budget for a la carte menus?

                1. re: Pan

                  Not sure how to characterize it, but Maialino fit the bill. In fact, I think we'll be returning there--easiest, plus I know what to expect from the food. (The food is probably more important to me than it will be to my dining companions.)

                  1. re: equilibrist

                    As H Manning mentioned maybe you can give Ai Fiori a look, we loved they food and service and our only real dislike (too harsh a word) was the business meeting feel it had. Sounds like it would be perfect for you