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Oct 1, 2012 08:16 AM

Roseville CA eats

Hello all-
I'll be in and out of Roseville for about 9 weeks - staying near the mall on Creekside Ridge. Most recent posts for chow in this town are 2 years old.
Restaurants come and go so can anyone out there "refresh" the good choices?
I'm in for just about anything, but to keep the focus easy, I'm looking for:
1. Mexican
2. Indian
3. Thai/Vietnamese
4. Chinese
5. Brew pub/gastro pub
6. Wildcard (great place, regardless of what they serve)

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!!!


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  1. Even though I don't live in Roseville, I do visit some places.

    I love Carmelita's in old town Roseville (Riverside Blvd). Great chicken enchiladas. Old school style, nothing fancy....

    For Chinese I would suggest going to Rocklin Road (and I 80) and going to Golden Dragon. (see the many reviews here about it).

    Jimboys tacos at Denios Auction are pretty unique. And a lot better than the ones at the outlets. Also a good farmers market (non organic, non foodie) and a huge swap meet.

    Fats Bistro by the mall is great. Spendy but very good chinese food.

    Mikuni is famous for rolls. Loud and always packed.

    Crush 29 is great.

    La Provence is an amazing destination restaurant. Wine pairings etc. Some people have not loved this place lately but it is a great place. French style dining in a wonderful building.

    The Boxing Donkey (Old town) is a gerat irish pub with a decent beer selection.

    The Yard House is cool, by the mall, in the Fountains. Lots of great beers and great food.

    There is a place, in the same parking lot as Mikuni's, that has decent beer selection and decent food too. Cannot remember the name.

    For Sports Bars try Mandango's (Sunrise and Douglas). Great happy hours deals, decent beer selection. (At least two micros including Sierra).

    And be sure to venture to Granite Bay for Hawks. Really remarkable. Quarry Ponds center.

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      I am so sorry, Bennyboy. I just now saw your very detailed reply. As two weeks past and no replies, I figured that well, I'm kinda screwed. As this is my 8th week on my project, I've actually been to Crush 29, Yard House, Mikuni, Fats as well as many others. Jimboy's and Carmelita's looks interesting and will try when I get back here in January. Again, thanks for the thoughtful response!

    2. Gonna add some places around there to. The Pacific Grill in Rocking is the best breakfast in the area. Taylor Road and Rocklin Road.

      And farther on Taylor, in Loomis is High Hand Nursery and all that. Great rooms great food, great deli (for Loomis). Really one of my favorite places on that side of town

      1. My dad lives in Rocklin. Check out Granite Rock Grill in Rocklin. Great breakfasts and lunches, huge portions:

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          Right that is the place I meant, not the pacific Street Grill. Sorry. But Granite Rock is MONEY........

          1. re: bennyboy1

            I go up to Rocklin a few times a year, and my dad and I have never failed to go there at least once, typically multiple times, for a meal. Great place.

          2. re: EarlyBird

            Thanks EarlyBird. I'm heading back there in January and will check it out...

            1. re: cymbaline65

              You're welcome. Go there with a big appetite.