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Oct 1, 2012 07:52 AM

Where can I buy game in the Boston Area?

Does anyone know where I can buy game in the area? I'm looking for venison, rabbit (wild), mallard, pigeon or anything else that wasn't born and bred on a farm. Preferably shot locally, but no problem if it has been trucked a few miles.

All I have seen so far is a rather sorry-looking frozen pheasant at the bottom of Wholefood's freezer, there has to be something better than that.

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  1. To my knowledge (and I'm not a lawyer), it's not legal to sell animal's you've hunted, so you won't see it in stores. FDA regulations and all that. You are likely to find a wider variety of meats at specialty shops like Savenor's, but they are all farmed.

    1. I was going to suggest Savenor's too - long been the spot for unusual meats - you could call & ask them . . . ?


      1. Yes, Savenors has a good variety (I remember boar, venison, quail, squab, and several kinds of duck, but there are probably more and they could have seasonal meats).

        Other places to check are: Mayflower Poultry in East Cambridge (goat, rabbit, duck, goose, capon, and others might be fresh, they also have frozen), and in the markets in Chinatown.

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        1. Thanks very much for this. I checked FDA regulations and it appears that it is illegal to sell wild game here. I'll check out Savenor's, but am pretty sure that anything they have will have been farmed.

          Maybe I'll just make friends with the next person I meet with a shotgun....

          1. Fresh Pond Market usually has a good selection of game. I can't speak to where it comes from.