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Oct 1, 2012 07:39 AM


Had a delightful dinner at Paradiso last evening.
I am always surprised that this place isn't busier. We like Le Virtu, Tre Scalini, and others, but our meals at Paradiso have been the equal or better of many places on Passyunk Avenue.

The chicken liver appetizer is delicious, as are the other appetizers. You can get half a pasta as an appetizer, and the pastas are house made and excellent. Appetizers are large enough to be shared. The fritto misto, the spinach salad - all very good. My husband had half of a special pasta: chestnut pasta with duck confit and a foie-gras dressing. Very good, though quite rich.

We all had the stuffed shoulder of veal. This was delicate and tender, and we all loved it. It came with some kind of potato-cheese cake/tart that was equally delicious.

Drinks are good, too. I think it may be byob on Sundays, not sure.

One more good feature - it's located on a block of Passyunk Ave where we've always been able to find easy street parking.

When Paradiso first opened, it was very noisy and we didn't go back for quite a while. They fixed that, and we are glad to add it to our list of favorites.

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  1. Used to love it. Found it lacking last time out.

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      What did you have and what was lacking in it? Are there dishes to be avoided? Should one avoid busy days of the week? Its very helpful to give more details so others can decide whether to write off a restaurant, avoid certain times or dishes.

      1. re: cwdonald

        Sorry. It was almost a year ago and I don't remember what I had yesterday for dinner!!!

        I only remember that the couple we went with felt the same way and we had been there before with them enthusiastically.

        Maybe it was just an off night. It's worth another try I am sure.

        There's this cute dress shop a few doors away which I quickly stepped into before it closed, while my friends ordered my dinner.