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Oct 1, 2012 06:46 AM

Breton Cheese Crackers in Toronto?

Please don't tell me Breton cheese crackers are easy to find - they are not!

Regular Bretons are easy to find. Garden Veggie Bretons are easy to find. Multigrain Bretons are easy to find.

But Cheese Bretons are very tough to find. Some Fresh Co.s might still carry them but some are not stocking them anymore.

Little help?? :) Thanks!

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  1. Sorry, you may be out of luck... I just checked the Breton page at Dare Foods and it doesn't list the cheese variety anymore. Just Original, Reduced Fat, Reduced Fat & Salt, Basil & Olive Oil, Garden Vegetable, and Multigrain.

    You can visit their page at:

    Other than using the "Contact Us" form there, I'm not sure how else you could verify for certain.

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    1. re: MarkhamDee

      This is what I've feared, MarkhamDee :(

      Thanks so much for the link. Appreciate the legwork. I will try to make contact with them and see what's up.

      I hope they don't discontinue the Cheese variety! They are the best the Breton line (in my opinion at least)!

    2. If it turns out Breton doesn't make them anymore, try Carr's Cheese Melts crackers. They are very tasty.

      Bought some at the Bloor Street Market this past weekend.

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      1. re: Sooeygun

        Thanks Sooeygun! I'm a big fan of Carr's Cheese Melts, yes! Agreed! I can find them almost anywhere.

        An alternative to the Cheese Bretons is Walmart's Great Value brand version. They are not as good as Cheese Bretons but in a pinch are not bad at all. Still, I really want my Cheese Bretons!


        1. re: magic

          The Breton Mini's come in Cheddar Cheese flavor. It's on the US side of the Dare Foods website.

          And you can buy it online at this website -

          1. re: sasgirl

            Yes it's actually the minis that I always buy. In fact, I don't think I've ever seen the Cheese in anything other than minis.

            Thanks for the info sasgirl. I don't recall seeing them when I was in Buffalo last month but I will look again (going to the States in a few days).

            Boy, it sure would be nice to just get them here though, no big deal like. Sigh.

            Thanks :)

            1. re: sasgirl

              Just got back from the US. Didn't see any of the Cheese variety :(

              Only some of the other varieties.

              And only in the larger cracker, not the minis.

              I had to buy Cheez-its instead. Which I love, but are not the same.

              1. re: magic

                Went today to Longo's at Maple Leaf Square and found the Breton mini crackers in Cheddar Cheese flavor. Bought a box to try it out. :)

                I'm sure other Longo's would carry it too. But that store has it for sure.

                1. re: sasgirl

                  Awesome!!! Thank you so much! I thought they might be gone for good. This is good news.

                  Hope you like the crackers : )

                  1. re: sasgirl

                    Thanks again!

                    Found some at Longo's on Laird.

                    These are incredibly hard to find. Other than at Longo's I'm not sure where to find them.

                    But thanks again.