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Where to buy dried chile peppers in dc?

Had a place in Columbia heights where I was getting dried peppers for chile powders, but the last couple times I stopped in, their entire stock was infested with bugs (the first time I didn't notice til I got them home, cut some open, and they started crawling out, yuck).

Wondering if there's anyone out there who knows where I can get some in the dc area, preferably metro accessible.


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  1. Any of the latin markets: Eden market, Bestway, Grand Mart - Not sure which ones may be the best for metro-accessibility. Off the top of my head, I know that Bestway on Telegraph is just down from Huntington, maybe 1/2 to 1 mile away. They have awesome deals on veggies, so pick up a bunch of fresh peppers while you are there, as well as meats - Lots of different choices for Chorizo and I always grab some Pork Necks for stock.....

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      thanks so much for the recommendation, sounds like I can make a nice big shopping trip out of it! It seems like there's a Bestway off of the West Hyattsville stop, which is a little closer coming from Petworth, so I'll definitely go check that out.

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        Isn't there a Bestway on Mount Pleasant St, or am I getting mixed up? Mixed up is quite possible. (Since you said Columbia Heights, Mt P would presumably be more convenient for you....) There are those latino markets along there, anyway, but don't know how they compare with the bigger ones in the suburbs.

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          hmm, there might be... Yelpers seem to differ on whether this location is closed or not, and it is not listed on the bestway website as a location. I'll have to take a walk over that way to see what's around.

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            yeah, something's been going on there, but I think some store may have reopened in that spot. And there are other places along those couple blocks -- I get mixed up about which is which and where exactly, but you'd be able to do some kind of shopping anyway.

    2. If you don't mind the price point - Whole Foods should deliver an exceptional product that is bug free.

      1. Penzeys Spices: Rockville, Falls Church or mail order. www.penzeys.com

        1. The Mexican market next to La Placita or El Eden.

          1. Any Thai grocery store - Bangkok 54 or Duangrat's

            1. Funny how people here ask for something "in DC" and always get a list of stores in other states. I do get that MD and VA have better options though. It's unfortunate.

              If you want to stick to DC, I recently stumbled across a place near the new Union Market - it is a Latin foods store, with tons of peppers, along with super cheap produce. It is at 4th St NE and Morse St. Don't recall the name, but it is in a one block strip of stores on 4th. You can't miss it.