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Oct 1, 2012 04:02 AM

PLEASE HELP very confused on where to eat Daniel, Per se, EMP, Le bernd etc

I have gone through these threads extensively and many other websites and several restaurants keep coming up. My only problem is i have 10 restos to choose from and only 4 nights in Manhattan. So for those who have been there please share which of the places that are MUST DO and somewhat different (makes no sense hitting per se daniel and le bernardin, i just want the best one for this time). Price is not an issue. It doesn't have to be fine dining, or amazing setting and service, I just want the best damn food. If i fail to mention some please do
The restos are as follows:
Strip House
Peter Lugars
Jean Georges
Per SE
Le Bernardine
Eleven Madison Park
Chefs table at the Brooklyn Fare
Momofukka KO
The Modern

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  1. Momo what? Sounds like you are swearing!!

    1. Btw in no particular order , my recs for top 4 from your list:
      Jean Georges
      Le Bernadin

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      1. re: UES Mayor

        Momofuku Ko some place i read about. arent Jean Georges Emp and le bernadin all french?

          1. re: kalbaker

            You might automatically cross Momofuku Ko off your list as I found reservations impossible to get-may be different these days but took me a year to get when I last tried. Maybe you'll be lucky. I never considered the aforementioned places "French", meaning the dishes at each feel quite Continental in that there are influenced by different cuisines-not your strictly French fare.

        1. I like The Modern, Momofuku Ko, and Jungsik the best.

          1. I have not been to all the restaurants in your list but I would do the following -- I hope you are made out of money:
            Per Se
            Katz's Deli

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            1. re: tpigeon

              Next time you're in NYC, you should definitely try Jungsik. I had an amazing dinner (10 course tasting menu) on Friday night. It's on my "short" list of restaurants that I want to return to before the end of the year.

            2. per se is an amazing experience. Chef Kelleher has done a great job of combining california casual with NYC distinction. I don't know anybody who has eaten there and not set it was the best meal they have had in NYC and usually the entire country (except for French Laundry).

              If you really love fish and seafood, you should go to Le Bernadain. If you just short of like fish and seafood, then skip it. The mean is 90% fish/seafood and at the end says "Also available, Lamb, beef, chicken". I found Le Bernadin to stuff and corporate, but just my tastes. I have a friend who love fish and seafood and says this is one of his top 2 in NYC.

              My personal favorite in NYC is Daniel. It is a little more uptight and Per Se (But the recent renovation makes it feel less so). IMHO, food at Daniel is better than Per se.

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              1. re: downtown1234

                Just because I'm a dick and can't stop myself: it's Keller (not Kelleher).

                Also, if anyone really thinks the food at Daniel is better than the food at per se, I'm ready to meet them in the Park Avenue traffic islands, midnight any night, their choice of weapons.

                1. re: Sneakeater

                  hahaha this is my problem, similar cusines and i would like to only go to one of the 2

                  1. re: Sneakeater

                    I was hoping you'd take care of Le Bernardine and Le Bernadain too.

                    But please, allow me: it is Le Bernardin.

                    : )