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Sep 30, 2012 10:57 PM

Central/Upper Atlantic Coast & south Brittany - have searched

We're visiting France for the first time. Searches have unearthed just a few posts for these areas. We're driving from Bordeaux up the coast for a few days and to Brittany's south coast for a few days. Then taking the TGV to Paris (for only 3 1/2 days).

Any further help for suggested restos and their towns to stay in on the coasts would be appreciated.

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  1. Le Cape on the other side of the river in Bordeaux is very good and in Brittany:
    Les Carmes in Rennes
    Du Chateau in Josselin and two hotels/restaurants:
    Le Roi Arthur in Ploemel
    De la Plage in St Anne le Paulud.

    1. We thoroughly enjoyed Pont Aven. Here is what I wrote on Chowhound last year: On the south coast, Le Moulin de Rosmadec in Pont Aven. In a village that is almost too pretty, Le Moulin provides very comfortable riverside rooms (with guaranteed private parking, no small perk in such a destination village.) Choices of the formal Moulin restaurant or many village options. This was a sleeper. We were sure that we would hate the touristy atmosphere, but the natural beauty, fun shops, fabulous museum and very good food choices made us love this place.

      Last month we stayed at Talvern, an excellent chambre d'hote 20km east of Lorient. Read what I wrote about it here:

      On the same visit we stayed at La Mare aux Oiseaux near St. Nazaire. And wrote about it here: I'd like to add that this stay and meal have warmed in my recall. I was really rather ill when we were there and realize now how diminished my reactions to the experience were.

      I'd return to all of these places in a heartbeat.

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        Thank you both. My list of suggestions is finally growing.

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          Oh, and mangeur, the bird may have been a crowned crane (African) at La Mare aux Oiseaux.

        2. Just outside Pont Aven is a Michelin * that was wonderful, La Cremaillere, langoustines l still dream about.

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            Thank you. We'll have to see what we think we can afford. :-]