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Sep 30, 2012 10:50 PM

Fall Hudson Valley Restaurant Weeks - November 5-18, 2012

As was discussed in the earlier thread, there is a second HVRW this year, in November. I happened to check their website tonight and they have the list of restaurants up, and several are already taking reservations thru Opentable.

I need to try Swift in Beacon this time, they're on the list for the first time, I believe. Hudson at Haymount House in Briarcliff Manor has their menu up already, and I was considering trying them until I saw they had an $8 surcharge for short ribs (someone might want to give them the heads up that this is NOT the way to put together a restaurant week menu with only two entree choices and putting a surcharge on one).

As in the past, I highly recommend Back Yard Bistro in Montgomery both for variety and quality. It's a tiny place so reserve early (but let me get my reservation first :-) ). I think I will go back to 42 for lunch, since I had a nice lunch there last time (and a not as great lunch when I went back the following week because I enjoyed it so much the first time). And of course I have to go back to North! And I hope that Valley will have a menu that is more interesting to me than in March, since I did not go then.

Tavern in Garrison does not appear to be on the list, which is odd since Valley is. McKinney & Doyle in Pawling is also absent.

Post your suggestions of great places you've tried in previous HVRW's.

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  1. I just made reservations for '76 House in Tappan. We ate there a year or so ago and had liked it, but then it wasn't during Restaurant weeks. When I called, the woman was surprised, and had to put me on hold to ask questions. I was probably the first one? They are not participating in Restaurant Week for the Saturday nights, even though it appeared online that they are. So I booked a Friday night. I'm assuming/hoping that their regular menu will be available should we not like their Restaurant Week offerings? Is this usually the case? I could always call and ask them, but I'll wait a few weeks to do so since they didn't know anything much yet.

    1. I just made reservations for Swift for a Saturday night. One down, who knows how many to go :).

      1. I wish more places would post their menus sooner. Tavern is one of my favorite places that I've tried during HVRW. I usually try new places instead of going back to the same ones, but I'm sorry to see it's not on the list. I'm interested in possibly trying the Ship Lantern Inn in Milton - which, by the way, is actually in Ulster County, not in Dutchess as is listed on the HVRW site.

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          Several more menus seem to have been posted. One you will not find on the HVRW site is 42, but they have it on their own site, listed under special events. The lunch menu looks better than dinner, at least to me (same as last time). I do not understand why they never post the menu on the HVRW website.

          I may try Red Devon again, we ate there a couple of years ago and it was quite good. They were not on the March HVRW.

          1. re: MisterBill2

            42's menu is on the site now. A $21 supplemental charge for ribeye?? And $15 for black cod. Do they usually have large surcharges? At least there are a few other choices of entrees, but $21 seems kind of outrageous considering it's more than 2/3rds of the dinner price.

            1. re: Solstice444

              Yes, that's why I go for lunch, where the portions were very large last year and there are no surcharges. Obviously not everyone can do that. Also, be sure to park across the street (in the building with Target, or at the Galleria) to avoid the $10 parking charge.

        2. It seems like North may not be booking HVRW via Opentable. The HVRW site says to call and when I check on Opentable, there are no dates available once RW starts, and there should be some since they normally book 30 days out.

          1. joseph's steakhouse in hyde park is participating in RW. just had dinner there the other night and the steak was excellent.