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Sep 30, 2012 09:32 PM

Farmers Markets In Charlotte NC

I had read an article online that said a lot of "fake" Farmers Markets are opening up in Charlotte. These are markets where the food isn't locally grown but trucked in from miles away. I am moving to Charlotte in a couple of years and want to find the Farmers Markets where locals sell their vegetables and fruits etc. I believe in supporting local business.

Any suggestions? I have checked out a few markets that had web sites but have no idea which ones sell locally grown produce. Thanks for any help you all can give me.

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  1. Charlotte is very large, so defining exactly where you're looking is important. And a couple of years? Markets that exist now may not exist then, and visa versa. Anyway, Atherton Market is all local, as is the Kings Drive market. The large state farmers market near the airport has lots of locals, usually easy to tell which are an which aren't. I can especially recommend Poplin Farms here. Think Matthews and Davidson also have local-only markets.

    Here's a previous thread with links to several articles/listings of the area markets. I think if you do a search you'll find other threads on the subject as well.

    1. We have "farmers markets" popping up all over the place, and yea, many of them are not local farmers selling but rather "re-sellers"... but my guess is many of them will be gone by the time you make your move here. I know a few of the markets that have websites and sell only local state so on their website (i.e. Matthews Market).

      Great local-only markets are Atherton, Matthews, Waxhaw, Davidson, etc. Matthews is my personal favorite and I also like Waxhaw Market (both are in my neck of the wood too).