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Sep 30, 2012 07:14 PM

near Lincoln Center/berfore Nutcracker

Looking for moderate dinner for 4 before 8PM Nutcracker in early December.
No Indian, already will have done that earlier in the trip, thanks.

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  1. Atlantic Grill for seafood or Ed's Chowder House in the Empire Hotel both across the street.
    For Asian Shun Lee is only a block away.
    Fiorello's across the street for Italian.
    Bar Boulud for a people watching happening kind of place, right next door to Fiorello's.

    1. Bar Boulud (french, great food, pre-theatre $45 menu), Rosa Mexicano (nice mexican), Atlantic Grill (seafood & sushi, $40 prix fixe)

      At TWC - Bouchon Bakery, Landmarc and a Voce ($33 prix fixe)

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      1. re: saregama

        A Voce's prix fixe is lunch only...not available for dinner.

      2. I probably go to Bar Boulud 75% of the time for pre-opera meals. Out of all the places surrounding LC, it's the best combination of value and quality. Sometimes I go to Cafe Luxembourg.

        No offense to the other posters, but I think that Fiorello and Ed's Chowder are terribly overpriced and not all that great.

        Atlantic Grill is fine, but nothing interesting.

        1. Lincoln! You will love the space and food-and oh so convenient!

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          1. re: UES Mayor

            Lincoln is far and away my favorite place but no way is it moderately priced. No way!!

            1. re: arepo

              If you don't object to walking 5 blocks from Lincoln Center, Manhattan is a walking kinda town, there are 2 fine possibilities around 68th.
              La Boite en Bois at 68th & Columbus is a charming, small Parisian walk-down and very popular with the Lincoln Center crowd .
              Telepan is also quite popular at 69th bet. Broadway and Columbus.

              1. re: arepo

                Lincoln now offers 3 courses for $60 and you can select any dish from the menu.

            2. I always go to Fiorello's after the opera. From the outside, it looks like a tourist trap. Food is solid and full of diners from lincoln center. Pasta Bolognase is fantastic. Also, for desert, try the chocolate mouse and whip cream. They literally bring out a pot of both mouse and whip cream and scoop it onto a plate for you. To honest, it could feed 4 normally people. I usually go with my wife and we force ourselves to not eat the second half of it as it it just too rich. The first half is thoroughly enjoyable.