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Sep 30, 2012 06:42 PM

Chang Alive and Well in Williamsburg

Had dinner tonight at Peter Chang's China Cafe in Williamsburg. Amazing menu, well prepared in this newly opened establishment. A friend and I split Scallion Bubble Pancakes, Dry Fried Boneless Duck, Fish with Sour Cabbage Soup, New Zealand lamb chops Sichuan Style, and the Hot and Numbing Combination pot. All were excellent. With a bottle of nice red, the total bill was $86 before tax and tip. According to press reports, Chang and Lee have brought 5 chefs from China to staff the place. Lee was out front and Chang could be seen through the kitchen window instructing and supervising all elements of food preparation. No Chinese menu or kitchen, not only on the Peninsula, but across the entire Tidewater region, compares to this place. Open M-Th 11-9:30, F&S 11-10:30, Su 11-9. 1203Richmond Rd, Williamsburg, VA 23185, (757) 345-5829.

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  1. Is that the one across from Books A Million, 1Buckeye? I"ll have to give it a try. I haven't been in that building since the horrible Asian buffet that used to be there. Hopefully, Peter Chang's will last longer than the others have.

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      It's the brick building across Richmond Road from the shopping center @ Richmond & Monticello. I believe there was a buffet there, and a Greek restaurant before that. There's a prominent new sign on it. Hope he does well there too. Full last night around 7. In contrast to some of his other places, they do offer takeout orders, so that should help sales. I think once people try the food he will be solid here, and he's opened just in time for the holiday tourist season.

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        Wow I am jealous. Takeout? Short pump still does not offer to go, at all.

    2. I was there on Wednesday night, outstanding. I am taking a group of ten back next week to share a whole bunch of things. Glad they are in Wmsbg, I got tired of driving to Richmond. They are doing a brisk business.

      1. I'm glad that he's alive & well in Williamsburg, because at the same time he's opening all of these new spots, he's letting the quality of his food at his Charlottesville "Peter Chang China Grill" location slide a bit.

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          Inevitable. nothing I didn't really expect. Hopefully when he loses interest here, he will leave us with an infinitely better Chinese place than we have had before. Anyone who expects his current destination to be final is destined for disappointment. He has been quoted as saying he hoped to make enough money off the VA locations to finance his true final destination - a signature place in DC

          1. re: 1Buckeye

            I agree, & thank you for your take on this. We're just disappointed at the slight quality slide since we really like the place & it had become our definitive "go to" when in Charlottesville.

            Just in case you're interested, here's a link to the Charlottesville location's Yelp reviews. My review is under "Bonnie C.".


        2. The original comment has been removed