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Raleigh - Farmers Cheese?

I'm in the mood to make blintzes! So far I haven't spotted Farmers Cheese at TJ's, Kroger on Six Forks or Lowes Foods on Capital. It has been a while since I purchased it and I can't remember where that last search ended...

Suggestions, especially if between the beltlines, is appreciated!


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  1. Just a thought...the most common brand I see is Friendship. Could you check their website and see if any local stores stock it? Besides, it's Sukkot, not Shavuot. It's time for stuffed cabbage, not blintzes. :-)

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      My stomach is unschooled and very bossy sometimes! Awaiting cooler weather and more freezer space for my stuffed cabbage. At least it has been cool enough and relatively bug free for dining outdoors.

      Great idea about checking the Friendship site. (edit: looks like WF and Fresh Market might be options.) I know there was a thread about this a few years ago but my search didn't unearth it.

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        The area Whole Foods carry Lifeway brand. Not sure who has Friendship nowadays. And Chapel Hill Creamery makes farmer's cheese, too!

      2. Hillborough Cheese Company makes farmers cheese. Bought some the other week. Not sure about the major markets.

        1. Thanks for the leads! I'm glad to have several options to look for.

          I'll keep checking various grocers as I'm shopping. It is a quest that is not urgent (hush tummy) so I'm not inclined to elevate it to journey status just yet.

          Any for sure Raleigh sightings will be appreciated!

          1. I've seen Farmers Cheese at A & S Euro Mediterranean Market (that's in the little strip across the parking lot from the Galaxy).

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              Terry-Thank you! That location is easy for me to swing by without turning the day into a journey.
              I tend to forget about that area. Last I was in that strip center was during my search for Ting a few years ago! Ah, without cravings my shopping trips would be so routine.

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                It's been a while. Hope they still carry it. You may want to call before swinging by.

            2. I've seen it at the indoor stands at the State Farmers Market.

              1. I didn't get down to the Farmers Market yet. I did find 3 varieties at the Polish grocery TerryG mentioned. They were all 1 lb. and priced the same at $7.49 or 7.99, two were from the same company. The woman clerking said all the ones from the same supplier were the same in flavor/texture - the differing labeling was marketing for specific nationalities. The other packet has a smoother texture. She said she uses the smoother variety for cheese cake since it mixes up faster.

                Yikes! I don't recall the price being so dear in the past. But it was worth paying to end the quest and feed the beast of a craving! Thanks all. If I locate it at a better price I'll note it here. Perhaps it will provide a starting point for someone else!