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Sep 30, 2012 05:34 PM

What are you baking these days? October 2012, part 1 [OLD]

We'be been busy little bees in the baking department these days, so here we go for a new thread in the new month. I have bread rising from the sponge I made last week, and made the pistachio cake again (I'm safe from it because it was served to a number of people at a party). Really prefer Rose's buttercream to the chocolate glaze I made at the behest of the birthday girls...

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  1. I will be making three cakes for my gran's birthday, plus green tomato cakes, likely bread, and definitely baked doughnuts with my new pan!

    1. Just made 60 cupcakes for the bf's birthday, using Betty Crocker mix and a frosting made from veg crisco and wilton butter flavouring. Quite revolting. I shall stick to Italian meringue buttercream next time I want pure white.

      On the menu soon are pumpkin swirl brownies, and probably a pumpkin pie and an apple pie - a good way to use up the crisco and to embrace my new North American habitat!

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          Thank you, it's prettier in my estimation in its pale buttercream.

          1. re: buttertart

            I love the contrast of the dark icing with the pistachios. Need a side by side picture of the lighter icing to imagine it can actually top this cake!

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              Check the August thread, about 10 posts up from the bottom. Tried to link here but the computer didn't want to be nice and let me copy/paste.

        2. Yesterday I made three batches of "infinitely adaptable blondies" - one with chocolate chips, one with white chocolate and macadamia nuts, and one with reduced coffee and cappucino chips. They all turned out delicious, except the coffee ones kind of burned, and I needed to remove a layer from the sides and bottom.

          Tonight I need to make a peach crisp, with the last of the fall peaches, and lots of oats and nuts.

          Tomorrow I will make more blondies or chocolate chip cookies, plus a giant plum tart, with the last of the plums and pluots.

          (Due to Jewish holidays, early fall is my busiest baking season!)

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            Are those the ones from Smitten Kitchen (originally Mark Bittman?) That's my favourite quick square; since you melt the butter they are very quick with no planning involved. I have made them with white chocolate and dried cranberries, milk chocolate and dried cherries, and dark chocolate/cappuccino chips..

            1. re: rstuart

              yes, exactly. This most recent batch was again well received - very appreciated by kids and adults like, with just chocolate chips and white chocolate chips.

          2. Your pistachios are better-looking than the ones I get, which are so over-roasted and burnt that they look disgusting, hence cannot be used for decoration.

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              Really? These were from Trader Joe's. Maybe that's why your cake wasn't as enjoyable as I found mine.

              PS those were the best-looking pieces of this lot by far.