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Sep 30, 2012 05:07 PM

Do Berlin Doner kebaps really have that much gristle?

Tried the new Verts Berlin donor kebap place yesterday. It opened next to Hopdoddys burger place on Anderson Lane.

The good:

- The interior is cute. Red on white with wood tables. High energy.

- I had the Berliner kebap with the beef and lamb. The bread was interesting. Shape was similar to a pita pocket but thicker than pita bread. It had a unique flavor to it. I did not love it but it was interesting.

- There were a lot of good vegetables in the standard kebap. They all seemed very fresh. Then again this was day one, but still delicious veggies inside. If you are vegetarian, I think you'll really like the place.

- They have a good variety of yogurt-based sauces.

- Fast, very friendly service.

The bad:

- It was difficult to find the meat in the big wrap. Few bites of that entire sandwich had meat or taste of meat in it.

- The interior was loud and echo-y.

- From the meat that I did taste, almost every bite had gristle in it.

After encountering the first two pieces of gristle, I decided to inspect the rest of what little meat was left to pull it remaining gristle.

I'll be in Berlin in a couple of months, and look forward to trying other donor kebaps there. Maybe the gristle is authentic to that prep..

This experience made me crave a gyro. Gyro recommendations anyone?

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  1. Did you say anything? Did you ask them to prepare you a new kebap?

    I have eaten at Verts Dobie and Drag locations often enough to fill their frequent diner card (chicken and beef/lamb, doner and wraps) and I've never had this experience. I agree that the veggies are always fresh, and that the house, garlic and red yogurt sauces are all very tasty.

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    1. re: brentwood

      yeah, i eat there regularly and have already been to the new one on anderson 2x. haven't had that experience. bad luck? maybe try the chicken next time? i love the spicy sauce.

      My favorite gyros near anderson are the place in the trailer park (NATY) and the meditteranean chef off koenig.

      1. re: ieathereforeiam

        ieathereforeiam, I tried Mediterranean Chef. Enjoyed a totally delicious gyro, and a very unusual "beet salad" yogurt-based side dish that looked fluorescent purple.

        The gyro meat had great flavor - seared-tasting, lean, no hint of gristle. Excellent tzatziki sauce. Only change I'd make next time is to hold the jalapenos. I do like jalapenos, but there were so many other good flavors happening that one seemed a little out of place.

        The place is Austin-rad. Tables in the middle of (or near) their production line. The guy behind the counter was adorable.

        I almost forgot!
        For next day I ordered 1 of their vegetarian "hand pies" and 1 meat (in shape of big crescent roll). Holy smokes these were delicious heated up in the microwave. They weren't huge (each like a crescent roll) but became 4 total meals with veggies on the side.

        I need to remember those during the holidays - they would make great snacks for visitors and it seems like they would keep in the fridge for several days.

        I would order the beet salad again - it was spicier than I expected, but just so rad looking that it's oddly compelling. I expected to glow purple after eating it. Will have to try that argument on my favorite picky eater :-).

        1. re: sweet100s

          Hey, what's a good time to go? If I brought my wife and two small kids there at 6 or 6:30, would that work?

          1. re: rudeboy

            sweet100s, glad you dug it. get dolmas next time for there or to go. i like them at room temperature rather than chilled. they will warm them up for you or sometimes grab one fresh off the line.

            rudeboy, i've never seen more than one other table of people eating there.

            i've eaten at the verts on anderson a few times since i last posted. haven't had too bad a gristle on the beef/lamb gyro. but the chkn is my fav anyway.

            1. re: ieathereforeiam

              Hey rudeboy,

              One family with 2 small kids was there when I stopped by for lunch but that was it. Like ieatherefore said, I also can't imagine it ever being crowded for eat-in because:

              - The location is sort of hidden

              - How to describe the atmosphere... it's definitely very Austin-y, and I think you would be cool with it. But it's on the spartan side of Austin-y, or maybe a little too rugged or not 'hipster' enough for the masses to make it crowded. ScrumptiousChef could describe it better.

              If you go, get a small side of the beet salad and try to convince your kids that after you eat it, it will make you glow purple until Halloween.


              I can't remember last time I had dolmas, so I'll definitely check them out next time I'm there. And, the chicken at Verts, or the grilled veggie one.

              1. re: sweet100s

                Thanks for the info, sweet - I will go soon because it sounds like right up our alley. Funny, the other day, I tried to con my boy into orange beets (or yellow/golden) since he likes carrots. Didn't work.

          2. re: sweet100s

            Beets? SPICY beets? I am so there.

        2. re: brentwood

          ieatthereforeiam, Agreed, the chicken has got to be better.

          >> My favorite gyros near anderson are the place in the trailer park (NATY) and the meditteranean chef off koenig.

          I think I have driven by that NATY trailer park. What is the piece of 'art' that they have near the entrance?

          Thanks for the tip re: Mediterranean Chef near Koenig. I'll check it out.

          brentwood, It was to-go, but I did pull out the feedback card from my purse.

          I hoped to see a QR code*, because that would mean I could dictate the feedback and post it to a feedback application on their website while making coffee.

          Didn't see one of those so I looked for an email address on the card. Didn't see one, though maybe it was there in really small print somewhere and I just missed it.

          I carry postcard stamps with me, so I turned the card over thinking OK I could mail this in tomorrow. No address.

          At that point I tossed it.


          1. re: sweet100s

            i think they have a pink monkey or something. it's in the parking lot of the planet fitness and hobby lobby. if you are heading east it's right before 183 intersects.

        3. Not far from there is Pars Mediterranean Deli, I just had lunch there today - gyro, hummus, pita, and a drink for $7.50. The gyro is packed with meat and light on veggies. About 10 different sides if you don't want hummus.

          Med Chef is good, too, more expensive but they make grandmas hummus and it's the best hummus in town....