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Sep 30, 2012 05:04 PM

South Asheville Mid October

A group of 8 family members (2 couples about 60, 2 couples about 25) will be in Asheville (actually staying in Arden) for a long weekend in October. We have reservations at Curate and The Admiral on Friday and Sunday nights. How is the south Tupelo Honey? How does the south location of 12 Bones compare to Big J's Bubba Q? We are also considering White Duck, Sunny Point, Junction, Desoto Lounge, and food trucks. Too many choices and not enough time, as usual when we travel. Biltmore Friday afternoon, watching college football games on Saturday for the guys, girls may go to River Arts District, Sunday, maybe hike, maybe Grove Park Inn. What should we not miss, both in terms of food and activities? Some are very interested in brewpubs, Wedge, Thirsty Monk, Frenchbroad Brewery. Are these the best 3 options for those who like beer? Which are best for those of us who don't?
Thanks! Gail

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  1. I think the south location of TH is just as good as the downtown (and usually no wait). Have never heard of Big J's - just Googled and it gets good reviews I guess - but I'd stick with 12 Bones. Love White Duck and Junction. Sunny Point is good but be prepared to wait for a long time unless you go at an off hour. Other good brunch options would be Over Easy and Posana, both downtown. I prefer both of those to SP.

    I was VERY pleasantly surprised when I tried the Ethiopian night at DeSoto Lounge the other evening (it's on Tuesdays). We also got a Caesar salad that was one of the best I've ever had. I love it there but it's a tiny punk rockish dive bar - I'd skip it for a limited time in town.

    Wedge is fun and so is Thirsty Monk (although I think they only brew their own at the south location? Downtown they have a huge selection of beers). Also downtown are Green Man/Jack of the Wood and Asheville Brewing so you can do a little pub crawl all within a few blocks. The food trucks are fun especially at The Lot on Coxe Ave and you're doing these nearby breweries - El KImchi and Our Taco are my favorites.

    In South Asheville, if you need a quick bite, check out Franks NY Deli. They make a mean sandwich. Thirsty Monk has a south location that may be appealing to the boys in the group...

    Not sure what weekend you'll be here but the 3rd weekend in October is the Craft Fair which is a lot of fun. And hiking will be awesome in the next few weeks - feel free to message me if you want some ideas close to town.

    You will love Curate and Admiral!

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    1. re: miss piggy

      How do I message you? All I've ever done is post a thread here. We will be arriving at our cabin on Friday, Oct 19 and leaving Monday, Oct 22. It looks like many places are closed on Mondays, and we will want to eat lunch before we leave. Any suggestions? We plan to spend Thursday night about 20 miles west of Asheville in Candler, since our cabin is not available until Friday, so as to get a full day on Friday. So we will be there for the Craft Fair? What is the link for that? Thanks.

      1. re: miss piggy

        Miss. Piggy, I am sad to report that Frank's Deli is kaput. <unsmiley>

        1. re: Jeff C.

          Jeff, are you sure? We were there a few weeks know they moved to a much bigger spot with lots of seating including a patio? I hope they did not close their new location! Their sandwiches are amazing.

          Sorry, for some reason I thought you could send a private message on this board but maybe you can't. And I think Chowhound is funny about talking about things other than food in the discussions, so Google Craft Fair of the Southern Highlands for more info (it is worth a visit!) and check out for a good list of hikes near town as well as other restaurant reviews and ideas.

          Maybe do White Duck on Monday? I think that would be a fun, casual spot to hit up before you head out. And then you could put The Junction in one of your weekend meal slots. Just a thought. :)

          1. re: miss piggy

            I go by there every day on my way to and from work, and I could've sworn he place was empty. I'll check again this afternoon and let you know...

            1. re: Jeff C.

              I don't think Frank's is done because they posted their specials on Facebook today.

              Miss Piggy is right, Frank's sandwiches are da bomb.

              Also Thirsty Monk does a pretty mean burger on a pretzel roll that I'm a fan of.

              1. re: citizenthymes

                Once we see the college football TV schedule and 10 day forecast we can better plan for Saturday. Thanks for your advice, both on prior threads and on this one! I hope we can hit El Kimchi at the brewery Saturday night and maybe Junction for brunch Sunday, maybe get south location of 12 Bones take-out for the football games Saturday. I wish we had more meals, the options sound great and we can't do them all :) I saw Jack in the Woods recommended on a prior post, that might not have been on my son's list, but I"m leaving the beer to him! Thanks!

                1. re: glecroy

                  those all sound like great ideas. A few things to keep in mind:

                  IMO, Admiral is going to be your best dinner(better than Curate) so don't go crazy at lunch.
                  12 Bones at lunch risks ruining you dinner unless you spread the two meals out well.
                  El Kimchee at the Wedge would be a really funky/cool evening.
                  IMO the best local beer comes from Wedge, Pisgah, French Broad.
                  Get the fried chicken and the habanero margarita at Junction. They have lots of interesting cocktails but also several local brews for the beer drinkers.
                  Take MissP's advice about Like them on FB.
                  Try to work in a sunset at GPI, pass on the food there.

                  Are you planning to eat in A'ville on Thurs eve too?

                  1. re: danna

                    What Danna said. And if the weather's nice, another option is r(h)um-based cocktails and munchies on the patio at Storm Rhum Bar.

                    All: Frank's is NOT closed. I had the wrong building in mind when I wrote that. Mea culpa.

                    1. re: danna

                      We are not eating in Asheville Thursday. Four of us will be arriving from the west to Candler probably about 10 PM. Four will be arriving Friday noon from the north. We could possibly meet for lunch Friday somewhere before we go to Biltmore, then to Curate at 8. Saturday some of us must watch AL vs TN and some VT vs Clemson football games, so I thought, depending on the game times, we might have Bones take out for lunch and El Kimchee Saturday night. On Sunday we could do an early brunch and then be hungry again for our reservation at Admiral at 8. Our checkout Monday is at 10, so we will probably have lunch before we head home, but I need to look at what is closed on Monday. So we really have Friday lunch, Sunday brunch and Monday lunch to make our final decision on. I'm leaning towards White Duck and Junction, but my other one is up for grabs. Or maybe we get sandwiches from Frank's and take them on a hike on Sunday, depending on the weather. Once we have the game times and weather forecast we can plan better. Looking forward to a beautiful trip, great food, and family time with the kids and their new wives. Can't wait!!

                      1. re: glecroy

                        Sounds like a great weekend and a good plan so far. Junction is only open for lunch/brunch on Sat and Sun, so I think that would be a good Sunday brunch. White Duck is open on Monday. I'm not sure what I think would be good for Friday....Sunny Point maybe so you can check out West Asheville.

                        I've never been to Frank's Deli. It's just Boars Head cold cuts, right locals? Apparently a nice sandwich but nothing I have that right?

                        1. re: danna

                          Jeff, you owe me a Reuben! :) yes, they use Boar's Head meat but it's piled high on top of delicious breads and topped pretty creatively with super fresh veggies and sauces. Their specials are always interesting and their sides are tasty and housemade. It's nothing fancy but it's a great spot for lunch, especially before a hike or other outing. I'm a sandwich freak though...

                          1. re: danna

                            danna, if you go to Junction for Sunday brunch, you can make a reservation. that was a big plus for us, since we didn't want to wait at Early Girl or Sunny Point.

          2. How does lunch/brunch vs supper compare at both Curate and Junction? Thinking of switching Curate to Friday lunch and going to Junction that night. Then we would take picnic hiking on Sunday rather than have brunch at Junction. Any thoughts? Or if we leave the reservations the way we have them, where should we have lunch Friday, Tupelo Honey, food truck, or a brewpub? That would be before Biltmore tour, or should we just eat lunch at Biltmore? If so, which one? Thanks! Gail

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            1. re: glecroy

              Curate's menu stays the same for lunch and dinner. I *think* there might be a few breakfast-y add-ons at brunch, but I'm not sure. Curate makes an expensive lunch if you're hungry, imo.

              I've never been to dinner at the Junction, but I know the menu changes.

              Keep in mind, when you do a food truck (except if it's parked at a place like the Wedge), you're just dining in a parking lot. It won't take long and you can hit a brew pub 20 minutes later. There are no brewpubs that I know of that I would spend a meal at. YMMV. I'm not aware of any well regarded food within Biltmore, but again, I have no direct experience. It might be convenient to eat ther, depending on long you intend to stay.

              1. re: glecroy

                At Biltmore if you go out to the winery area, called Antler Hill Village, either the Bistro or Cedric's Tavern are fine for simple meals.

              2. So for Friday lunch, Posana, FIG or Tupelo Honey? We have reservations at Curate that night.

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                1. re: glecroy

                  Or Cuchina 24 or Corner Kitchen for Friday lunch?

                  1. re: glecroy

                    Personally I'd pick Tupelo Honey. Fig and C24 are fancier (by Asheville standards) and since you're having a nice meal out at Curate that night I'd want something more casual. Corner Kitchen would be my second choice. It's great for lunch too.

                    1. re: miss piggy

                      I believe I agree w/ miss piggy. Tupelo Honey isn't as fab as Southern Living, et al make it out to be...but it's pretty solid, tasty lunch...and they do have that south Asheville location which might be more convenient for you.

                2. What is the dress code at Curate and Admiral? Can't wait to try them! Thanks, Gail

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                    1. re: Jeff C.

                      Jeff. I assume you meant that for Curate. I don't think the Admiral has any "classy" requirements ;-)

                      1. re: danna

                        True. But the before 8 p.m. crowd is usually classy-casual. After that, you could see about anything...

                        1. re: Jeff C.

                          So jeans are OK for either Curate or Admiral?

                  1. Where is El Kimchee likely to be on Friday at noon?

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                    1. re: glecroy

                      skip el kimchee and head over to Stone Bowl - fantastic Korean!

                      1. re: glecroy

                        According to FB they were at "the Lot" on Coxe st. last Friday.

                        1. re: danna

                          Yep, should be in The Lot which is also within easy walking distance to Asheville Brewing, Green Man/Jack of the Wood and Thirsty Monk for the beer drinkers.

                          1. re: miss piggy

                            Does Asheville brewing serve food? i.e. would they let you eat your food truck goodies on their patio while you drank their beer?

                            1. re: danna

                              ABC does serve food, so I'm doubtful they would outside stuff, but it never hurts to ask.