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Sep 30, 2012 05:01 PM

Good uses for ground cherries?

There were ground cherries at our farmers market this morning.

They are a nostalgic thing for me -- I associate them with my great-uncle and his farm.

I'll be bringing some to a gathering just so people can try them.

But I'll still have a good number left.

What would be some good uses?

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  1. They'd make an interesting and tasty jam.

    1. Make a sauce for roasted duck or pork.

      1. How about garnishing it on tiramisu or cheesecake?

        1. I just got some from my coworker's CSA (while she's on vacation, I'm picking up her stash) and another coworker and I split them. I would like them sprinkled on a salad, although I ate mine out of hand.

          I think they'd be great mixed in with blueberries for a crumble/crisp, or in a salsa/chutney.

          1. I had never heard of ground cherries, so I just looked it up online. Very interesting! What do they taste like?
            I found some pie recipes - here's one:


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              The ones I just finished up seem to have a pineapple-y taste, so I'm assuming they were the "Cossack Pineapple" mentioned in this link:


              Interestingly, the CSA calls them "husk tomatoes". I'd probably use that terminology in savory recipes; ground cherries in desserts. :-)

              1. re: LindaWhit

                That's one of the articles I was reading, too. Linda. I'll have to see how it grows in the South. I've been planting natives in my yard, including some American crabapples to make jelly with, and these ground cherries could be a good addition to the garden.