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Sep 30, 2012 04:44 PM

Will my muffins rise?

I'm baking banana egg muffins and am want them to rise! Was thinking of adding baking soda but I don't have an acidic ingredient in the would baking powder work instead? I read that it needs to be activated by a liquid but the only "liquid" in my recipe are eggs and vanilla essence..will the baking powder work? Haha thanks, I'm a beginner at this :/

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  1. Your eggs might be what will make your muffins rise. Since your recipe has not called for the use of a leavener you might not need the baking powder or the soda.

    1. "Rise", relative term that it is, may not be what you want in a banana egg muffin. Whipping the batter to incorporate lots of air, pouring the batter immediately into a warm pan and then getting it quickly into the oven may be all you need to provide a nice crumb. I'd try it that way first, before adjusting the recipe using chemical leavening agents.