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Sep 30, 2012 03:52 PM

Ham & Beans foaming?

Yesterday I made a huge batch of HAM/BEANS to freeze. this morning I added additional water/seasoning, slightly heated and cooled it down. I left the lid on the stock pot. Came back after a while to package for freezing and there was a dome of fizz/foam in the middle of the mixture. It also left a "weird" odor. Please tell me its still good?? I have packaged the soup but also noticed the gasses blowing up the lida on my containers....not literally "blowing up" but leaving a buldge in the lid. Let the gas? out...tee hee hee and quickly placed coontainers in freezer.

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  1. You don't say how long it was sitting out (in between the hot stove and the cold fridge...)

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    1. It's the water soluble proteins in the beans that cause them to foam under typically normal conditions but the foam you describe, along with a "weird" odor, and expanding containers makes me wonder if you don't have a science experiment going on there. I your place, I'd chuck it and start over.

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        Thanks, thats what I was afraid of. I feel safer doing it that way too.

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          I would agree with todao.

          Beans can foam ordinarily -- it is sometimes recommended that a bit of oil or drippings be added to the cooking water to cut down on the foaming. But the bulging lids and the odor do not sound normal at all.

          1. re: racer x

            I agree with tossing it. It sounds scary.