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Sep 30, 2012 03:36 PM

ISO Ronco Showtime Rotisserie Oven

Anyone know where I can find a Ronco Showtime Rotisserie Oven in Toronto. I'm looking for a way to cook Thanksgiving Turkey without ending up with a dry breast and I figure the rotisserie is my best bet.

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  1. Another option a baster with the needle end in it. That is what i use as that way you can inject the bird and the breast does not dry out. I have never had a dry turkey using this method.

    1. The Showcase website carries it, perhaps some of their stores have it in stock, but probably the larger ones only, I don't think the Eaton Centre store has it, for example.

      1. Thanks for tips guys.

        I tried the needle/baster but it didn't work well for me in the past.

        I ended up going to Showcase and I found the one oven they had left in Toronto....unfortunately, was not able to rotisserie roast my turkey. At 15.5 lbs, it was way too big for the rotisserie mechanism to work (the box says 15 lbs max).

        Considering deep frying my turkey for Christmas, but it may not be worth risking 3rd degree burns and burning my house down to have a moist bird.

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          if you are thinking of frying your turkey check out Good Eats - S10E12 on youtube to see how to do it properly. if you decide to do it in the oven try brining your turkey before hand, there is a good eats episode for that as well.

          1. re: youdonut

            Didn't think there was really a safe way to do this. Thanks!

          2. re: chungry1

            Get a smaller turkey for Christmas :-)
            We are a small family so we try to get 8-pounders.

            1. re: Teep

              Have you actually tried cooking a turkey in the rotisserie? Does it actually come out juicier? How long would an 8 lber take to cook? Stuffed or unstuffed? I may have to try this at Christmas!

              1. re: baby_tran

                My mom had one years ago, it made wonderful chickens and turkeys. I loved it and used it weekly. Sadly it wasn't built for the long haul. First the control knob split and broke off due to plastic fatigue. I still used it by turning it on by using a butter knife. Then one side of the door hinges broke off from fatigue and repeated heating and cooling of the plastic. I used it by sliding a spatula under the broken hinge side of the door to keep it in place. Finally the other side broke off and I had to pitch it. We got a couple of years of use and many chickens and turkeys out of it.

                The benefit was you got crisp flavorful skin all the way around the bird and moist meat every time.