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Sep 30, 2012 03:34 PM

Christmas Day Breakfast - where to go?

My husband and I will be visiting from Toronto for 5 days.

If these are your choices for Christmas Day Breakfast where would you go (assuming you are already going to Cafe Adelaide for dinner)? If you happen to know of another choice for an early breakfast (8:30) on Christmas Day, let me know! I do not think we will want the $95 per person breakfast at The Grill Room - too bad no regular menu that day.

Café Adelaide
The Crystal Room
The Grill Room at the Windsor Court Hotel
M bistro
The Sazerac Restaurant
Shula's Steak House

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  1. Depending on where your hotel is located, Cafe Adelaide would be my choice. On Christmas Day, your best bet will be a hotel restaurant.

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    1. re: TaTee

      The OP mentions that they are planning to visit Cafe Adelaide for dinner, so I think that's the one place on the list that would not be optimal.

      I'd suggest Criollo. I haven't been there yet, but it seems to draw consistently strong reviews, and for the first several weeks they were open for breakfast only, so they clearly put some pride into their breakfast service.

      My impression is that MiLa has never served breakfast, but perhaps the OP knows they have something special planned that day. If so, it would be a strong choice too.

      1. re: Gizmo56

        A couple of years ago we stayed in the Quarters on a Christmas Eve night to go to Mass at St. Louis, Cathedral and woke up to no breakfast at the hotel so I started walking around and found Daisy Dukes. It was very good. Consider it.

        1. re: ilikeNOLA

          Thanks, I actually found it in my research. Good to know it is open on Christmas Day. I have just learned that smoking is permitted there so that is likely a deterrent from eating there.