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Sep 30, 2012 02:32 PM

Decent food near Opryland Resort Hotel?

I am attending a five day conference at at the Opryland resort. I will be traveling solo and this will be my first trip to Nashville.

* I have a limited budget for lunch (around $10) and dinner (around $15).
* I have access to a car and easy parking would be important. I understand that paying for parking may be necessary.

In particular, I was trying to find some decent food options near the conference site around for LUNCH. I assume the food options on site will be mediocre and expensive... but I could be wrong. Lunch is not included in my conference fee.

I will have about an hour and fifteenth minutes for lunch (which will need to also include travel time). I am having a hard time judging how long it will take to get from point A to point B because of traffic.

I am open to anything from a counter service restaurant, a food truck, table-service restaurant, or even a sports bar. I lam open to anything (BBQ to ethnic food to vegetarian).

I know there are the "usual suspects" near by (aka chain restaurants like the Cracker Barrel) but I was hoping for a non big chain restaurant.

For dinner am trying to stay within a 15 minute driving time but I am less concerned about time for dinner. I'm not looking for any fancy. I have checked out the other recent threads but would be open to any other suggestions that may be close by and not incredibly complicated to find : )

Again, I have no idea how easy Nashville is to navigate and I will most likely be tired after a long day.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Unfortunately the hotel is in "fast food land" right off the parkway. When I was there last, the hotel's food was very good but the prices are probably above your allowances.

    1. You could hop on Briley Pkwy North and get off on the Gallatin Road exit towards East Nashville for several choices. There's Mitchell Deli on McGavock that will meet your price point. You could even do Pepper Fire on Gallatin which specializes in a local Nashville specialty, hot chicken. There's also East Side Fish on Gallatin that serves up hot fried fish, another great choice. If you're willing to make the drive into the city, my first choice would be Arnold's for a classic Nashville meat & three option.

      1. Thanks for the feedback! I appreciate the suggestions pete k. I will need to look into those options.

        It sounds like that if I want to eat on-site I will need to supplement my meager food allowance.

        1. Scoreboard and John A's. Both have tasty, sports bar style food. Scoreboard has really delicious ribs, burgers and freakishly good shrimp cocktail, but they allow smoking, and when it's's toxic in there! John A's had very good salads, wonderful grilled catfish and great cobblers for dessert. My friends who are into steak and prime rib also like John A's for those things, but I was too nuts for their fish to order anything else. Both are less than a quarter mile from the main car entrance to Opryland. Cock of the Walk, about a mile up the same road as John A's, has pretty good chicken fingers, fried shrimp and hush puppies...but it's a SERIOUSLY limited menu. If you want anything more elevated, you'll have to leave the Opryland area.