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Sep 30, 2012 01:47 PM

Copita (D'Arblay St)

Lovely if slightly overpriced tapas joint.

All stools and no tables means its a casual affair and good for a quick lunch rather than a formal meal. Some fine bread with earthy olive oil goes well with the chorizo and black pudding we ordered. A mini pork belly, chilli and courgette torta was a highlight as was anchovies on pork crackling. A yolk on mushy peas with pig jowl was very moreish and as these small plates are definitely small another was ordered.

The coffee to finish was good and I'd put it up (or maybe a touch above) Barrafina.

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  1. Thanks you helped make up my mind, Copita is part of the american express/foursquare/londonrestaurantfestival promotion running at the moment. I'll be having an almost free lunch their tomorrow with my partner (we both have amex cards)


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    1. re: damien76

      Great - I hope you have a good meal!

      1. re: hyperion

        Ended up going in the evening (Friday). The patrons seemed to interpret tapas in a British way, by 8.30pm people were only drinking.... Have quite a severe hangover from mistakenly joining in.

        Really liked most of what we had when we did eat at the beginning, with plenty of inventive vegetarian choices for my partner. In particular the sweet and sour onions with sobrasada & parmesan was great.

        Only criticism was that I found the ajo blanco unbearably salty, which is probably authentic (?).

        1. re: damien76

          Anything with sobrasada is good. One of life's pleasures. Tumbet is usually a vegetarian dish but it isnt half livened up by the addition of sobrasada.