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Sep 30, 2012 12:44 PM

Buying a new Rondeau - Paderno or Sitram

Looking at a large rondeau ....

Not familar with both lines/lineup.
Any feedback on the welded handles on the Paderno versus the Riveted on the Sitram...

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  1. Welded handles are easier to clean then rivets if you hand wash the interier of your pan.

    My Sitram pans have welded handles are easy to clean between meals (no dishwasher at the moment).

    1. I hardly ever throw the pans into the DW as part of a weekly cycle.
      Every once a month or so, whenever it dawns on me, I'll throw them in just to clean them up.

      I may be mistaken but I thought the Sitrams were riveted..

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      1. re: chefwong

        Sitram's Catering and Profiserie lines both have welded handles. I haven't used the Profiserie, but I have a couple of Catering pieces and really like them. They're extremely sturdy, perform well, and have a very smooth interior that cleans up easily by hand. No experience with the Paderno.

        1. re: Miss Priss

          I have what's left of a starter set of Sitram Profiserie in my "batching kit" for hotel kitchenette's, etc. For "cheap" pans, they cook well and clean up easily. No rivets is nice though, the disc bottom is recessed from the pan sides and is hard to keep clean and pristine.