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Sep 30, 2012 12:24 PM

Fine Dining uptown

Would like suggestions for fine dining, steak, Italian or seafood uptown (Markham, Richmond Hill preferred, or North York). Anything but French food.

We'll be in the area of Warden/7 on a week night, so we don't want to drive downtown. I'd rather something with a nice ambience rather than old school (such as Octagon or David Duncan House) and we'll be bringing our appetites!

I've come up with these so far....

The School of Fine Dining
Miller Tavern

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Miller is garbage, don't waste your time.

    Terra is extremely overpriced.

    My MIL likes the Octagon for Steaks/Ribs, I cannot comment as I have not been there myself.

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    1. re: Sadistick

      Ugh, scratch Miller and Terra off my list. I've been to Octagon once, but it was about 10 yrs or more. Thanks!

    2. I've heard Casa Victoria is quite good. I haven't made the trip myself, but I don't think you could find a place closer to that intersection. Perhaps someone else could tell you what to expect.

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      1. re: Googs

        Very good for Dim Sum.

        Haven't been for dinner.

        1. re: Googs

          I've been to Casa Victoria before, it's very nice, but I'm not looking for Chinese cuisine. Tried to edit my post to say no Chinese or French food, but I wasn't able to.

          Thanks for your reply though.

        2. My vote would be for the School....but it is old school dining in an old school. I like it a lot better than David Duncan or the Miller. Have had no experience with Marlowe's or Terra.

          1. Marlowes is not good. not good at all. it is not fine dining really either. maybe drive down to Auberge?

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            1. re: shekamoo

              Agree. Auberge is likely the best choice for fine dining in North York. While it might be too French for the OP, Auberge's food is as contemporary/continental as it is French.


              1. re: prima

                Frankly I hadnt noticed OP's wish to avoid French food, but I agree with you in any case re Auberge. Furthermore, North American fine dining comes inevitably with some French slant most of the time anyways...Auberge is probably a good case in point, while it is more continental than straight French, surely there is a lot of French influence, right?

                1. re: prima

                  Auberge would have been my suggestion too, if not for the "no French" request. I agree they should take a look at it.

                  1. re: jlunar

                    Auberge du Pommier, on Yonge St. just north of York Mills Rd., is the best of the bunch mentioned so far, assuming the OP is prepared to pop $200-$250 a couple with wine, all in. And, as has also been mentioned, you can make like it's more continental than French. Still, it's a helluva drive to Auberge from the OP's starting point at Warden and Hwy. 7. I wish I could offer something closer, but I am bereft. Maybe Diana's, a pretty good fish, oyster and seafood joint hard by Diana's retail fish store near Warden and Lawrence Ave. E., but it's also a shlep.

                    About the Miller Tavern, dismissed out of hand by Sadistick as "garbage": kinda harsh, my friend. Agreed, it's not worth driving across town for, but the food is perfectly acceptable middle-of-the-road nosh in a spacious, comfortable dining room. Mind, prices are about 20% higher than they should be - $20.50 for a Cobb salad? Yikes! - and some of the snacks and starters aren't up to much, but once you get to know the menu, and the kitchen's strengths and weaknesses, you can dine quite well and leave eminently satisfied, if not exactly thrilled by the experience. In short, a boring menu but an acceptable local favourite - its parking lot is packed most nights by locals brandishing the $25-off coupons with which the Miller regularly papers the neighbourhood. Not nearly as accomplished and adventurous, but considerably less expensive than the Auberge almost diagonally across the street. And $1 corkage for bring-your-own-wine on Mondays, which is when the smart money goes.

              2. So, fellow hounds, why not direct OP to one of the places in Unionville? Just curious.

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                1. re: mike00000888

                  In Unionville and meeting the OP's criteria, the closest I can think of would be Day & Night on Carlton Road, but I think it pales in comparison to The School Fine Dining (my rec) in Milliken Mills which is just as convenient to get to from Warden/7. I'm interested in learning about alternatives you might suggest in Unionville.

                  1. re: T Long

                    Terra is definitely pricey, but the food is quite good. Tutto Bene, just a block or so south, is pretty good Italian. Much farther north, in Aurora, is Joia Ristorante. Chinook, also in Aurora, is more casual, but also nice.