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Sep 30, 2012 11:46 AM

Quick Trip to SF/Napa... Need help

making a quick trip from nyc to sf for a friend's wedding in Napa
need help with restaurant list
not against eating 4-5 meals a day just to fit everything in
arriving in SF thurs night, driving to napa for wedding on fri, driving back to SF saturday morning, first flight out sunday morning
so not many days and meals to fit everything in

Thurs Night: have a dinner rez at cotogna for thurs night at 10pm
not sure if i want to keep that, if i do thinking of getting a drink at comstock saloon nearby

Fri morning: Swan Oyster Depot for breakfast. Opens at 8am? What is the line like at that time? Do I have to arrive at 7:30?
Roli Roti at Blue Bottle Oakland for porchetta at 11:30
driving to napa after
(also have a 1130 reservation at mustard's grill)
so driving to decide between roli roti and mustards
dinner: wedding

Sat: Breakfast/brunch/lunch open
Early dinner open
10 PM dinner: rez at State Bird Provisions

Other places i was considering: NOPA, Commonwealth, Alembic, Maven, Elixir

Looking for both places to eat and drink
would love some help with filling in the blanks as well as changing things up if suggested
Thanks in advance!!!

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  1. Redd or Redd Wood in Yountville is worth a try.

    Gott's for burgers and shakes (outside St. Helena).

    Cindy's Backstreet Kitchen and Grace's Table are often mentioned

    Are you interested in wine tasting/wineries at all?

    1. Swan's tends to open more around 10:30ish - not 8:00 a.m. I'd choose another breakfast option - Dottie's True Blue or Brenda's Soul Food.

      For Napa, skip Mustard's unless you like big hunks of grilled meat - there isn't much else there to entice and there are better eateries in the 'hood. Personally, if you are just wanting a hunk of meat, take the Roli Roti although...

      Saturday: You could just go back to the Farmer's Market at the Ferry and have your Roli Roti there along with tons of other great eats including Blue Bottle (will save you driving around the day before).

      So, I'd head straight to Napa instead, maybe brunch at Boon Fly or Biscuits for breakfast, hitting Oxbow for lunch before the wedding.

      1. thanks...
        gonna skip mustards and do roli roti at the ferry on saturday since i though swan opens at 8 but it's 1030
        so a light late lunch at oxbow sounds good
        gott's or kitchen door?
        thinking of canceling cotogna rez, got one for rich table on the same night

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        1. re: goldrush

          If you are keeping State Bird, I would stick with Cotogna over Rich Table (unless for practical purposes Rich Table is easier). In terms of food, I think SF is doing Italian amazingly well right now, and it would be a shame to miss out on it.

          1. re: goldrush

            For Oxbow, it will depend entirely on what you are hungry for that day. I've eaten a lot of Gott's lately and the stuff at Kitchen Door often tends to be too salty for me, although my BF and I have had success when we order their specials. Their mushroom pizza is more my style. Consider looking at the menu at C Casa, whose duck tostadas or buffalo tacos. There is also a Hog Island Oyster there for amazing clam chowder.