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Sep 30, 2012 11:03 AM

Dinner Party Ideas for Presidential Debate

I am not a frequent entertainer but I am having 8-10 people over to watch the presidential debate and would like to serve a full dinner (appetizer, entree, and dessert). I would love any ideas for how to make it fun and bit thematic (it will be a "blue" crowd). Thoughts would be very appreciated!

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  1. There are many sites you could find with White House menus, President's favorite dishes, etc. Or use the home states of the candidates for inspiration --

    (be careful not to let this thread get political, stick to food!) How about Acceptance Peaches haha.

    1. you could buy this Democrat-themed brand and use it on very rare ("blue") steaks ;)

      1. if you don't go by home state and whatnot, some thoughts...
        Red, White and Blue grilled salad (tomato, hearts of palm, eggplant?)
        Bar-rock shrimp appetizer
        Salm-mitt of some sort
        Maca-romney and cheese
        given the crowd, perhaps subs of some sort as in Cousins Subs where romney gave out subs to voters...
        ...a little too tired to be witty about dessert... but maybe some donkey and elephant cookies iced red white and blue?

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          Crow pie for dessert? Maybe a Chicago Deep Dish Pie served with Michigan Sauce and as both candidates have Massachusetts ties some Boston Baked Beans as the side.

        2. Watergate Salad

          (sorry, couldn't help myself ;-) )

          1. I'd serve two chickens in every pot.....