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Sep 30, 2012 10:33 AM

Menu Recs requested at Black Forest BrewHaus on Long Island

Never been here but many good reviews around - so planning to bring a group together to eat here next week

If you have eaten here - can you give me your recs on both the German items and also the non-german items

Dont get to the area that often and want to be able to laser in on our best bets to get the best experience for all of us ! THANKS!

Also - will they do table pitchers of beer here?

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  1. IMO BFBH is the TGIF of German food.

    We ordered the pretzel, it's listed as coming with honey mustard but I remember a cheese beer sauce and potato pancake app. I had Chicken Heidelberg main my husband ordered skirt steak. The server we had was terrific and kind of made up for the lousy food.

    They did appear to have a very lively and popular happy hour with a pretty extensive buffet set up. If food is included in the happy hour my suggestion would be to stay in the bar area.

    I just pulled up the website happy hour info...Free buffet on Fridays from3-6, half priced apps Thursday's 4-7