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Sep 30, 2012 10:08 AM

Marcony is magnificent

Last night we walked down Lex to Marcony, a restauarant we've been meaning to try for years. I asked the host if we were underdressed since I was wearing shorts, t shirt and sandals but he said, "no problem."
At 8:30 there was a very nice crowd there but we were seated quickly. The restaurant is a duplex with more space than it seems.
First of all the host and servers were friendly and professional which adds so much to the dining experience.
We did not want to fill up with the tasty bread and dip which were hard to resist.
Two fabulous salads, mine being a special with fresh figs stuffed with gorgonzola and wrapped with proscitto.
For entrees we ordered two pasta specials: Lobster, shrimp and clam fra diavolo with linguini and truffle fettucini with truffle shavings. Both perfectly prepared along with a side of broccoili rabe.
It's a bit pricey but not over the top. A good value for a semi upscale neighborhod place.
The fra diavolo sauce was excetional. Am I repeating myself?

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  1. Wow, I'm really glad to hear this. Isn't Marcony in the former "Dip" space? Perhaps that's why I could never take it too seriously. Your review, however, is changing my mind...

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    1. re: LeahBaila

      Don't know about "Dip".
      We moved to "the Hill of Murray" three years ago and have been working our way down Lexington trying new spots.
      It's funny how a bad restaurant experience in a location can influence us when a new place moves into the same spot. I am the same way.

      1. re: Motosport

        Yep, Dip was around in 2005. Wow, how time flies! But with your review, I will def check it out. Thanks Moto :)

        1. re: LeahBaila

          Did they specialize in dips? If Marco is the host let him know that your "old friend" from Capri sent you. Marco is also Caprese!

          1. re: Motosport

            Wonderful!! Will do :)
            Dip was a sweet and savory fondue restaurant.