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Gordon Ramsay Ultimate Cookery Course on Channel 4

have you seen it?

i've completely loved it. fabulous recipes, simply executed - delicious. and it takes skill, which ramsay obviously expects you to get if you follow him.

bravo gordon!

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  1. Tried for 5 episodes and can't get into it because Gordon's sounding contrived and patronizing. I liked the cooking segments on the F Word better.

    1. Don't usually like Ramsay's persona on TV - and this isnt really an exception. But there's good solid home cooking going on here. Just waiting for Amazon to deliver the book. There's definitely stuff I'm going to be cooking.

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        i find the recipes great - and surprisingly not dumbed down at all. and i also don't think he's faking the obvious delight he has in making some of the dishes, but that could be just good acting i have to concede.

        1. re: howler

          Try counting the number of times per episode that he says "amazing" and "incredible".

          1. re: Harters

            I know what you mean. It's "stunning".

            1. re: grampart

              I'm beyond sick of the word "amazing" applied to food.

      2. I just realized "channel 4" was British TV channel-not too bright American
        I also found the show on u tube-

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          what search term did you used on youtube? i can't find any episodes.

        2. I tried the pork chop recipe from the first episode with Delmonico Potatoes from an episode of UK celebrity Masterchef (because I'm crazy like that) and the family loved it.

          1. I love the show. I like Gordon as a TV chef (I've only watched a bit of Masterchef and some of his videos on Yotube) for his attention to detail, no-nonsense and straightforward approach. But he's obviously not a good speaker like Julia Child or Two Fat Ladies.

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              I had never watched Hell's Kitchen or Kitchen Nightmares or any other "reality tv" cooking show, so I started watching this show with fresh eyes and unbiased by Gordon Ramsay's personality. I love this show, I started taping it, I'm considering buying the book and making some of the recipes, especially the chicken bastilla which I've always wanted to make. I love cooking but I'm a novice cook (not young just I was never interested in cooking before) so Gordon's step by step instructions, his skills tips and advice are perfect for me. I do not find him patronizing, but again like I said, I'm not biased by his personality. I've watched now videos on youtube and I see how he can be on other tv shows, so I'm lucky that this is my first exposure to him and so was able to truly enjoy this show.
              Ps: I also find him attractive, what's wrong with me? lol

            2. I'm really enjoying the series. Very helpful information, great delivery without the Gordon arrogance and language.

              That kitchen is beautiful.

              1. So....... I'm really finding this show to be terrific because Ramsay skips the details and I can just absorb the relationship of ingredients. That's how I cook. I don't treat it as an exact science but more about what will be good with what.

                Kinda fascinated by Ramsay's pronunciations. Most is pure Brit, but I'm thinking some is just him

                Can't seem to find online recipes or a companion cookbook. Anyone found either?

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                  the accompanying cookbook is nice - i have it. surely you'll get it from amazon?

                  1. re: howler

                    Yes. Just found it. A little pricey....... but maybe.

                  2. re: Midlife

                    There's an app for the phone with most of the recipes.

                    1. re: danysedai

                      Found this one, but it has only 8 from this series of shows. Is there another?


                  3. i could could picture myself cooking one recipe a day.
                    the Budge Cooking episodes blew me away.
                    ramsay's british shows are totally different from the americn fox channel shows.

                    1. does anyone know the brand of the skillet he is using?
                      also, he keeps referring to "red chiles" that he uses in the recipes..they appear to be fairly long red chiles; too big to be thai chiles or even red jalapenos. does anyone know what they are?

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                      1. re: ritabwh

                        Do you mean the one that is creme colored? If we are talking about the same piece of cookware, it's the Le Creuset Braiser. Once I saw him using it, I ordered one immediately. He uses it for so many things, it seems like a very useful piece.

                        1. re: eviemichael

                          it's the fry pan with the angled handle. looks like some kind of steel.

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                            Ooops, I was thinking of the braiser. (Probably because I became obsessed with it once I saw it!)

                            Next time I see the show I'll keep my eye out for the one you're mentioning to see if I recognize it.

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                          It's rare that we Brits call chillis by variety. Long thin red ones are just "red chillis" to us - unlike long thin green ones which are, erm, "green".

                        3. Just started watching this - I've missed it on live TV.

                          I love it - he has great recipes and great tips for cooks. And he's totally charming.

                          Will have to find out when the show shows instead of checking through re-runs.


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                            It's airing as part of the current schedule on BBC America. I haven't watched much of it but Mr. Rat is obsessed with it.
                            There's a link to the airtimes in the little photo of Gordon at the top.

                          2. I'm really enjoying this, and I'm not a big Ramsey fan. I initially thought it would be slanted toward UK dishes or typical comfort food, but I'm pleasantly surprised at how his recent trip through Asia has influenced his cooking. No nonsense, helpful tips, and great looking recipes.

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                              Yes. It's interesting how little of our "traditional" national cuisine he includes. Although Asian elements have formed part of British food for centuries. Perhaps, as with much of the Ramsey empire, there's an eye towards a more international customer base.