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Sep 30, 2012 08:41 AM

LA County Fair

A bit last minute (since it is the last day), but looks for recs. Last year, I explored all of the various deep fried things. Predictably, I would up with a bunch of novel disappointments. However, there were a few rather large BBQ stands that looked rather appealing. Any one have suggestions on the best grub for when I truck down to Pomona today? Thanks.

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  1. My favorite Fair BBQ concession hasn't been there the last couple of years. Bubba's (it's huge, and sits across from a Chicken Charlie's fried oddities concession) is OK. This year, I enjoyed a pulled pork sandwich from a stand just a bit to the north (?) of the wine tasting pavilion. I forget the name.

    IMHO, the best fried item at the fair are the thick-skinned egg rolls served at the "Thai" food concession.