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Sep 30, 2012 08:35 AM

cooking rings/chefs rings/baking rings,,,,however you refer to them

hello again and greets to the group

i have been trying to track down, with no really good luck yet, some rings with the dimensions of 9cm by 3.5cm or if you prefer aprox. 3.5 inches by 1.5 inches.......i have a no bake cheesecake recipe that i really want to do up and it calls for 4 rings wit the above stated dimensions.....

i figure that since these are not going anywhere near an oven, i would not need ultra high quality rings (if that makes sense)

i am hoping that the good folks here can get me pointed in the night direction....

thanks to all in advance and have a great day

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  1. no heat....PVC the diameter you want ,cut to length

    1. I've shopped at both in person only, so I don't know what their s&h is like, but a couple of mailorder sources are and .

      1. Maybe a can of some type, open on both ends.

        1. Hi, Mark:

          Here's a good source, from our friends in France:


          1. I like Wekick's idea. Tuna cans would probably be about right.

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            1. re: BIGGUNDOCTOR

              Now more than 90% of cans are "stacking" with a rounded edge bottom that is a nightmare to open.The end result is a deformed mess.

              1. re: lcool

                Does Dole pineapple, 8 oz still come in the old style can? It might work.

                1. re: wekick

                  Haven't a clue,I only purchase 6-8 things in cans smaller than #10 and all have stacking bottoms.

                  1. re: lcool

                    I use a can opener that cuts the entire ring , and lid off the can. Cans cut this way would be more than adequate for a cheesecake mold.

                      1. re: lcool

                        Yes, the blade comes in from the side, not the top.

                        1. re: BIGGUNDOCTOR

                          went to the local aldi's and some of their canned products looks like they are stamped out a single piece of metal with a lid versus the old school can that had a top and bottom that you could cut off....tho there they their own brand stuff with a top and bottom lid.

                          must check the dole pineapple cans for sure :-)..the tuna fish cans there at aldi's were a no go (top lid only and stackable)

                          thank you for the great suggestion!!!

                          gotta keep my eyes open!!!

                          oh yeah, i had one of those can openers that was supposed to open the can "on the side"...was a piece of junk, or at least the one i had...LOL

                          1. re: mark111757

                            Just got home from being on the road and the pineapple can in my pantry is still the old style 3.25 x almost 2. The pipe is a great idea too. I would love to find some reasonably priced 4x1 rings to bake with.