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Sep 30, 2012 08:09 AM

Sea Grill Sunny Isle

Had dinner last night at Sea Grill in Sunny Isle and have found a new love. FIrst impression when you enter is a sleek, cool modern place with warm undertones that is very welcoming. They have a small bar in a niche off the main dining room that looks inviting. Tables are situated generously apart so that conversation is comfortable. We had an interior table at a window overlooking the Intracoastal where we could see yachts and other boats sailing by. You can also dine on their terrace but it was a bit warm. Since we had a vegetarian at our table we opted for all fish and seafood selections starting with the ubiquitous octopus, grilled sardines and ceviche. The octopus was delicious - soft as butter, well seasoned and grilled perfectly. Grilled sardines were also well seasoned and beautifully grilled. While the ceviche was tasty it wasn't as well seasoned as we would have expected and didn't have the flavors we usually look for in ceviche. Portions were very generous. While we were waiting for these apps to be delivered, the manager came by to thank us for our patronage and placed a platter of tzaziki and taramasalata with grilled pita points on the table - comp. Both were exellent - the tarama very lemony and had that wonderful fish taste . By this time we were getting pretty full so we ordered one of their special fish of the evening for two - Fagri. A Mediterranean pink snapper that was grilled well and seasoned in the traditonal Greek way - lemon, garlic, oregano, EVOO. Served with Greek Lemon potatoes. All of this was accompanied by a very decent Chianti - Rooca della Macie. SInce none of us were sweet eaters we did not order anyting but the same manager came by to pour complimentary LImoncello - which was quite good and made in-house. It wasn't sweet and had a very light and lemony flavor. All good. Definitely a place to go back to.

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  1. Thanks for the review. We're always looking for new places in that area when visiting the in-laws. I can't find a menu of theirs on-line. What is the price point there?

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          Lobster for for $48 this summer when there was a glut of lobsters on the market was a bit too much........the price point is too high for what you are given. The restaurant next door was serving lobsters for $25.00 and they were great! We have eaten there many times and no longer go because we feel they are taking advantage of their Aventura client base.

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            As a New Englander lobster in a restaurnt is the last place I'd eat it! Paricularly in a Greek restaurant. I went for the specialties of the cuisine that I don't want to make at home and not for tihngs that I can steam myself so those prices weren't an issue for us. Everythng else was fairly reasonable in my book given the locale and atmosphere of the place.

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              digc809-What is "the place next door?"

              1. re: gblcsw

                Next door is Racks......the lobsters were great and the service perfect!