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Sep 30, 2012 06:36 AM

Palatium reservations help

Hello all,

Palatium reservations? I'm having trouble finding a way to make them!

I know it's a regional promotional type run of resturant. However I can't find a working website or email address. per another CH thread they don't take phone reservations.

I want a Lunch reservations for 2 on Friday Oct 12, @ 12:30. can someone help me, I tried to use the differnt "open table" types of Italian websites it keeps on saying "error no reservations".

Do You just show up and have to wait in line. If so, is it very busy, with long wait?

I'm Spending the morning at Galleria Borghese. Any Other other type of places like this for lunch with cured meats, cheese, antipasti type foods for lunch.

Guidance is appreciated.

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  1. They take reservations for dinner but not for lunch, and they don't open till 1. If you're there at 12.59, you will probably get a table -- any earlier the doors won't be open. Organization and self-promotion are not their strong suit. Fortunately the food is usually good.

    The Borghese question has been much discussed on this board, so you may find an answer. I don't recall anything at the moment, so I'm sorry I can't help.

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      Thank you. I found a working resv site for dinner only reservation

      1. re: dewi

        I've been looking for a website to use for reservations in Italy. Have others used this and do you recommend using it? Or is it best to just call the restaurant?


        1. re: Modeen

          I have never tried to reserve via a website. My feeling is it wouldn't work very well. My advice is that it is best to call.