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Chins on Convoy

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A few thoughts on some namesake dishes more complete review + namesake dishes here:

The fried lobster and crab shown above were supposed to be the meal highlights, but they weren’t my favorite items. Not that I didn’t enjoy them, but he non-cracked shells made them a mess to eat, and their sugar/soy/garlic glaze was a tad too saccharine and applied much too liberally.

I was much taken by how much I liked the Chinese squash (above), and pickled jellyfish head. The jellyfish was like a cross between a more textured variety of seaweed and tako salads, but the squash was even better. Still firm in a gently sweet glaze with a touch of salinity from the dried shrimp.

No need for a knife, fork, or even spoon, the pork belly was so tender I probably could have sucked it up with a straw. The sauce reminded me of a sweeter beef gravy. I later learned this may be one of Chin’s namesake dishes – I can see why.

I would add candied to what was named “smoked fish” I also would have mentioned the type of fish that had been smoked. I think it was saury, but all I can really be sure about is that it was served in its entirety with a sweet crisp skin, and still tender interior. I liked it a lot.

My first intestines – boiled and served in a spicy Schezuan broth. I liked them, but didn’t get the best sense of the intestines themselves. The broth covered up any sort of “funk” that there may have been, I mostly just got texture – a bit fatty, sort of gelatinous. I want to try them again, but maybe with a drier preparation.

and my personal favorite, the Mala Fragrant Pot – shrimp, pork, lotus root, assorted vegetables, and some delicious, delicious tripe. The entire dish was noticeably overcooked, but I couldn’t stop picking away at pieces of tripe. Though it has a rather neutral flavor on it’s own, the tripe soaked up all of the savory flavors from the spicy Mala sauce. A bit chewy, definitely salty, and will be a repeat order for sure.

Service was adequate, there were about 4 other dishes ordered and 8 of us had much more than enough food for $45pp tax and tip

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  1. Nice review(s). I'm going to try it this week, probably order the smoked fish.

    1. Thanks. If you want to try intestines a little more "plain," I'd recommend going for a tripa taco. My favorite ones around these parts are at La Fachada. The intestines are lightly fried, nice and soft with a crispy exterior. You do get a little bit of funk, but it's not off-putting in the slightest. A little squeeze of lime cuts the richness just perfectly.

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        Thanks guys

        Steve - I would definitely get that again. It was like a sweeter fried mackerel almost..just careful with the bones.

        TheBoat - thanks for the rec, I made a mistake. I've actually had tripa tacos at Mi Tierra - but always looking for another quality spot. Any recs for a dry Chinese prep?