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Sep 30, 2012 03:34 AM

Traditional dinner in Torino?

I'm usually at the giving advice end of the Italy boards, but am hoping one of the Torino experts can help me decide on a place for dinner in Torino.

I'm taking a small group to the Salone and we have one dinner booked at Consorzio (which I love). But I"m looking for a more traditional, trattoria type place for our second meal. I've been to Dai Saletta many times and like that too, but am hoping to find something nearer to the Quadrilateral (within easy walking distance to our hotel).

Am considering Oca Folla (although didn't love it).
L'Acino looks good, but it seems more of an enoteca than a restaurant. Can anyone fill me in?

I guess what I"m looking for is something that isn't in the guide books, that is just good, solid traditional Piemontese cooking.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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  1. I can't help you with the traditional restaurant, but I am high jacking the post to thank you for cuing us to Consorzio. We had dinner there earlier this week and it was one of the highlights of our 3 week stay in Italy (Dolomites, Mantova, Piemonte, and Florence). The tasting menu was very well done (including a very clever egg/bacon/bean antipasto and a supernal panna cotta), and they proposed a wine that was elegant and appropriate, and half the price of what we had intended to order. So, thanks for that tip buried in this request,to which I hope you get a good response.

    1. With some trepidation, since I am by no means a Torino expert, having spent a grand total of 5 nights here and three of them on business, and in the absence of other suggestions, I offer Ristorante La Smarrita on Pzza Carlo Alberti. Our hotel suggested it as a Sunday evening option. We ate on the terrace, my partner had the more traditional Piedmontese menu and I had the chefs cotto/crudo menu (smoked duck in orange sauce, pasta in goat cheese/chive dressing, veal in a most interesting presentation and a wine mousse with baba (Barbara) and biscuits....I am not doing it justice, but I didn't know I would be doing this review!). Interior very traditional, apparently the salon of Cavour back in the day. Exterior with a view of the illuminated Library and the Risergimento Museum pretty special. Service initially frosty, but thawed over the course of the meal. It was a great "arrivederci" experience for us, and might meet your requirements as well.

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        Glad you liked Consorzio. It really is one of my favorites. And thanks for the recommendation.

      2. We were in Torino in September and looked high and low for the traditional Piemontese Bagna Cauda and Bollito Misto dishes. Nowhere to be found!! Apparently these traditional dishes are only prepared in the winter!

        We were quite disappointed. Are these available now, at the end of November?

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          Wow, no Chowhounders ever get to Torino? It's a great place, one should go! Great dining scene!