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Sep 30, 2012 03:01 AM

Restaurants in San Francisco peripherals


I am French and I just read this site really exciting for its diversity and quality.

We are planning for early next year a circuit in California and we intend to remain a few days in San Francisco.

Knowing that we want to avoid the fast food and want to eat American without putting aside the characters restaurants (Italian, Asian, Mexican ...) we would be grateful if we know which restaurants you advise us for breakfast and dinner.

Of course, we want to stay as far as acceptable and not to go in upscale restaurants and expensive.

Excuse my very bad english !....

Thank you in advance.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. For good American food:

      Brenda's for New Orleans breakfast
      Farmer Brown or 1300 on Fillmore for southern
      Mission Bowling Club for a griddled hamburger
      Zuni Cafe for a grilled hamburger (lunch or late night only)
      Memphis Minnie's for barbecue
      Alfred's for steak
      Woodhouse Fish Company for seafood

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      1. re: Robert Lauriston

        I'd add Little Skillet for southern if the weather is nice--great fried chicken and grits, fun atmosphere (outdoors, no tables, sit wherever you can in the alleyway). Breakfast and lunch only.

        1. re: ernie in berkeley

          @Robert, ernie, thank you

          I asked the same question on the forum in San Francisco because we do a circuit of 15 days in California March-April 2013, which starts in San Francisco and ending in Los Angeles (Via Las Vegas and San Diego).

          I pointed out the Forum San Francisco that I answer in English because I wrote my original subject in French and it was denied by the moderator.

          We want to eat in the morning and evening. Quick the midday !...We would therefore like to find a good breakfast in the morning to "go away" in the day and in the evening eat properly.

          I do not have a very large price appreciation in U.S. restaurants! .. If I say $ 35 - $ 45, it seems okay for you to eat properly.

          We are 3 days in San Francisco and 3 days at Los Angeles. When I would know as soon as our point "docking" I will not fail to contact again the forum.

          Excuse my very bad english !...

          Thank you in advance

          ******* @Wolfe :
          You answered me, but I fear that the moderator has deleted your message in french and mine.
          I am sorry! ..
          However, you can read my topic is growing!.

          1. re: topfrance

            TF no reason to apologize. It happens to me all the time. No trip to San Francisco would be complete without trying a Mission burrito. This thread will acquaint you with the intense loyalties of the locals.