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Sep 30, 2012 01:52 AM

Tellicherry Black Peppercorns in bulk

Hi - I'm looking to stock my pantry with these peppercorns and am wondering if there are any retailers that sell this in bulk at reasonable prices. Thanks.

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    1. An Indian grocers or supermarket like Thurga on Fraser or Sabzi Mandi (Fraser, south of Marine Drive) will have it (and will probably be selling it for much less than a specialty spice store).

      1. Here's an off the beaten path suggestion:

        how about buying a bunch of Costco's Tellicherry pepper mills?

        Costco is so cheap and they are already "packaged" up for you. Just bust one open when you need to!

        I haven't priced out the mills versus something you can get in bulk ... but I would venture to guess that the price is probably very competitive ... and it would not surprise me to find that it would be cheaper via Costco given the economies of scale.

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        1. re: bill_n_opus

          If you're looking for a quality product contact Maison Cote

          They're often @ GIM and are opening up a small retail operation in Marpole-not everything they carry is on the website.

        2. I use India Tree, a Seattle company. Their website does not list a B.C. source, but there are four in Bellingham. Also available online.

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          1. re: GH1618

            Silk Road in Calgary has them too-have purchased some outstanding products from this operation in the past-very easy to do business with.