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Sep 29, 2012 11:59 PM


How long after juicing fruits and vegetables will the vitamin and mineral content begin to diminish. What is the best storage container?Do you lose a signigicant amout of nutrients w time?

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  1. For the best hit of nutrients you should juice as you need it. The nutritional value decreases everyday after they are picked, so with juicing in theory it'll be the same, if not a little worse. If you wanted to store your juice for a couple days, then you need to source the freshest ingredients. Good containers would be ones with a nice air tight seal. You could perhaps try sterilising an old drinks bottle and using that.

    Don't forget, some fruits and vegetables will discolour, such as apple juice. There are various ways of stopping this, including passing a lemon through the juicer before you pass through the apple.

    1. I've always understood that you should really drink the juice immediately; the enzymes fade after 20 minutes or so and as Musie suggests: juice as needed. Interesting because a co-worker just bought a Breville juicer and has been making veggie juices; his wife prefers to take hers to work the next day...she said it tastes *totally* different than the fresh version. Hope she switches to the fresh.

      1. 1. As I understand it, the purpose of owning a juicer is to drink the juice immediately upon juicing it.

        2. Eating the whole fruit is preferable to juicing it, healthwise.

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          sandylc, I would *agree* with quote a doctor on a youtube video I saw recently "humans have 32 juicers in their own mouths"...yes, our TEETH...and if you eat the whole fruit or veg, you also obtain the awesome fiber therein. But sometimes, I just love fresh carrot juice...(I DO keep the pulp for green salads later in the day or week ahead!)

        2. I have always found the juice superior when consumed within minutes of extraction. This applies to flavor but also especially to the wonderful "boost" I get from the juice's tonic effects.

          I acknowledge that it probably varies depending on the kind of juice one is making and I know one can avoid discoloration-by-oxidation of many juices by adding lemon, citric acid or some other acidifying agent. But I've been told some enzymes and vitamins begin breaking down in just a few minutes and my experience over the last thirty or so years appears to bear this out.

          My personal preference is for carrot juice and that seems to be particularly susceptible to a rapid loss of quality.