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Sep 29, 2012 11:25 PM

Should I microwave my butter to soften them?

I have been doing a lot of baking recently, but I have never been able to leave the butter to soften on its own. So i use butter from the fridge, measure it then microwave it for about 7 seconds, or until it is soft. Sometimes the bottoms starts to melt a little. Does microwaving the butter effect my "bake goods"? I have heard that it ruins the texture, which I have been having problems with lately. Should I just try to leave it outside the fridge next time? Thankyou

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  1. I don't do a lot of baking but I soften my butter in the microwave all the time. I don't get it liquified on 1 side either. I put a wrapped stick of butter from the fridge into the microwave at 12 seconds on power level 3 then I flip the butter to the opposite side and give it another 12 seconds on level 3. That should be pretty close. If it is a little harder than you wish leave it on the counter for 2-3 minutes.

    1. I zap mine all the time using the lowest setting on my microwave in and verifying in 20 second increments and as well turning it. It's one of the few uses I have for a microwave.

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      1. In a pinch, I will microwave butter. I put the butter in at regular high power, and flip every 5 seconds. It works very well. However, when I am baking and I haven't taken my butter out in enough time for it to get soft, I will frequently cut it into very small pats, and put it in the bowl while I am getting my other ingredients ready. It usually softens perfectly in a very short amount of time.

        1. "but I have never been able to leave the butter to soften on its own. "


          why not? butter keeps perfectly well at room temp for a long time. as long as your house isn't 90 degrees. :) i don't have mw at my own house, so once the weather cools, i pretty much just always leave my butter out. my b/f who does have one, keeps his butter out too.

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            I leave out a stick of butter most of the time, too, but just recently, had some mold develop on it. Anyone ever heard of such a thing?
            If for some reason I don't have room temp butter ready for baking (or hot toast), I'll nuke it on the defrost setting in the microwave or grate it on the large holes of a box grater.

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              Once a while back I had a stick turn, but you can smell it and I attributed it to a knife that someone stuck in it. I have left my butter at room temp forever, as do my parents and gp. This was the first off stick. I live in TX here it is warmer.

              1. re: vstock

                Okay, makes some sense, 'cause it did smell off (however I didn't smell it until I put a big pat on some steamed veggies and then later saw the mold), plus it's 999 degrees in So. Cal. right now. thanks.

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              Thankyou for your reply! I live in Thailand and the weather is very hot and humid here plus i always forget to leave it out of the fridge!

            3. If it's partially melted, that's too much for using in recipes where you cream the butter and sugar.
              It's best to leave the butter at room temp long enough to soften on its own. If you are going to microwave it, first cut it into small pats or cubes, and arrange in a ring on a plate or in a bowl.
              Using low power, it should not take more than 15 seconds. Another option is to take the paper-wrapped stick of butter from the fridge, place it in a baggie or wrap tightly in foil, and submerge in tepid water, weighing it down, until it is soft.

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