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Sep 29, 2012 10:34 PM

Bialetti Mocha Express 6 cup

I need help on how to clean my 6 cup Bialetti Mocha Express.
When I take it apart to clean I've been removing the screen/gasket combo.
The gasket fits snugly around the screen and under the thread of the body where
the top and bottom screw together.
My problem is when I remove the gasket, I have to take a sharp knife and pry out the
gasket from its snug position. In doing so the knife makes a dent in the gasket and
obviously isn't a good thing. What am I doing wrong. I'm wondering now if I'm even
supposed to remove the screen/gasket combo and instead just remove the grinds
and rinse off the grinds residue.
How do you remove the screen/gasket combo or do you leave it in place and
just rinse it off??

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  1. I leave it in place, rinse thorougly and wipe out the pot with a damp paper towel.

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    1. re: Cam14

      thanks so much! I've been removing it and it's been getting damaged

      1. re: sylvan

        They don't last forever,no matter how careful you are.Often there is bit of leaking before failure.
        Have a spare on hand.Gasket 3 packs are cheap.

    2. Sounds as though the gasket needs replacing. With age it can get stiff and sticky, making it harder to remove, and more likely to be damaged in the process.

      1. I have a Bodum Chambord moka pot...same basic design concept. Instead of a knife I use a spoon to loosen the gasket if doesn't come loose under running water. Doesn't need to be taken apart every time...a good rinse works most times, but good to take a apart every three or four uses or if not planning on using for awhile.

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        1. re: MikeB3542

          my pot is only two months old,,,,too young to be too old... per paulj's response

          I'll just keep it in and clean it off. from your responses I see I don't need to take it out after each use, which was damaging the new gasket

          thanks again

          1. re: sylvan

            Gasket,new to who? Your unit could have been packed with that gasket longer ago than you may think.Perhaps also stored under less than ideal circumstances for best,supple life.
            So I support your two months,but it's not the entire story.

            1. re: lcool

              Not sure about the Bialetti, but the Bodum gasket is made of silicone that seems pretty durable. If the gasket is made of rubber, those do seem to get brittle and crack with time (but falling apart after two months seems way too fast, even if the pot has been sitting on the shelf a year or longer.).

              1. re: MikeB3542

                I fully support it's new and it should last.Yet over the years,50,I have opened "new" machines that had been on the shelf a long time and also encountered someone had simply helped themselves to the from the factory gasket.
                I know when I buy a three pack,when it's time to use the next one I have to think about where it is.They last a long time.