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Sep 29, 2012 07:57 PM

Nice birthday lunch with cocktails

It's sisters day out. Treating my sister to lunch somewhere between soho and say, Times Sq next month. Someplace with a good cocktail, not stuffy, and of course good food. We like fun, but not too noisy so we can visit. Suggestions?

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  1. What's your budget? Any preferences for style of cuisine and particular types of cocktails? Also, what day of the week? That's an important question because there are many places that have brunch and not lunch on weekends. Also, if your lunch is on a weekday, it's not likely to be too loud anywhere, I wouldn't think (maybe there's some exception I'm not aware of).

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      Budget around $100-150, either good mixed drinks or wines. It's on a weekday. No preference for type of cuisine. I do this every year for my sister. One year we went to Mesa Grill- I know not everyone like's it, but we were treated extremely well and the food and service were both excellent (just to give you some idea).

    2. Look at The Dutch in Soho.

      1. Gramercy Tavern in the Tavern Room.
        I find the food at the Dutch to be fairly not that good.

        1. The NoMad but asked to be seated in the Parlour Room and as noted by Pan the day of the week is important and you may have to do brunch instead of lunch on the weekend, still, The NoMad is my recco.

          1. Union Square Cafe fits your requests. Food is good, drinks & wine list both really good & quiet enough to catch up plus it feels special. Service is always top notch.