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Sep 29, 2012 06:49 PM

Boston hound, coming to DC and Alexandria...

Hi all,

I am flying in to stay with friends who live in Alexandria, Va., for a long weekend this fall.

They have been in Vt., for many years, so we are all discovering new places together.

We both love hidden gems, ethnic food, and even byob. Good food, not
too expensive would be a great help. During the day, we'll be in DC.

Would love to give them recommendations for now as well.

Got any great places to recommend? Thanks.

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  1. Bombay Curry Company. Hard to go wrong here. The tandoori chicken wings are a little bit of heaven on a plate. All of the chaat are good, from the bhel puri and dahi bhalla to the onion bhaji. The spicing will be very consistent: always present and important but not overpowering. A likeable restaurant.

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    1. re: Steve

      Thanks Steve, will definately put this on my list.

      1. re: mcel215

        Forgot to mention it's in Alexandria.

        1. re: mcel215

          Bombay Curry Company is closed. The building it was in has been gutted, There was talk of the restaurant moving to a new location down Mt. Vernon Ave. But it hasn't happened yet.

          1. re: BrianD

            So sorry to hear that. The website is working in full force, though, so I wasn't sure.

      2. El Cucho Cocina Superior is a new spot in an "emerging" neighborhood, and I really liked most of the food and all of the cocktails. Toki Underground is a tiny spot in another developing area (H St NE), with long waits but cheap and really delicious ramen.

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        1. In Alexandria:

          Eamonn's for best fish and chips anywhere. Try all the side sauces.

          La Mexicana Bakery (down route 1) for great Mexican food. Bit of a divey spot, but worth it.

          Oh, and I'll be going to Boston in a few weeks, so if you want to hit me back on what not to miss. (But I suppose I'll need to go post on that board).

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          1. re: biscuit

            Hi biscuit,

            Thank you, love Mexican food.

            And about Boston. Where are you staying? I live about 10 miles north of the City, but don't
            go in to eat very often myself. We have great food in Somerville, Medford, etc, if you have a car.
            You can email me also, because my friends go into Boston a lot. If you are staying West or South of the City, sorry I can't give you first hand info. :) Great food everywhere though.....


            1. re: mcel215

              Seaport area, I believe. Thanks.

          2. Went to Mai Thai for lunch today, it was excellent.

            We asked if thet cow do basil fried rice and boy was it spicy but fabulous. We also shared the veggie spring rolls and Pik King, a stir fried beef dish with green beans and red curry paste. Loved every bite. Thanks guys.

            1. Depending on what you are doing in DC you might stop in Society Fair for some provisions they have great sandwiches, so does the Butcher Block at Brabo. Red Rocks has good pizza in Alexandria, Rustico has a good beer selection. I love Cheesetique in the Del Ray section of Alexandria, it is definitely worth a stop. In Old Town there is Bahn Mi Caphe which has a good Bahn Mi and pho (not the best in the DMV, but def good and different). I haven't been to the Pita House since they switched locations, but always used to like it.

              In DC it really depends where you are as you will probably want something fairly close.

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                I love Bahn Mi and Pho, but got home last night kt. Thanks though, so does my friend and we were discussing this subject while I was there. I'll send her this info, so she can do the same.

                Next time I'm in DC, will check it out. Thanks.