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Sep 29, 2012 06:18 PM

Pomegranate ganache

I'm thinking of making a dark chocolate ganache flavored with pomegranate. I'm going to use a 70% chocolate and do a 2:1 ratio. I'm wondering if I can use pomegranate molasses rather than juice and, if so, any idea about how much I might want for 1 lb. of chocolate? My guess would be maybe 2 Tbs. but if anyone has done this I'd appreciate your input.

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  1. When I saw the title I immediately thought pomegranate molasses. Sounds delicious. I agree, 2 TB would be a good starting point., up to four. Report back!

    1. The molasses seems like a risky proposition from a consistency standpoint. If I were you, I'd buy a bottle of Pom juice.

      I've had great success making pomegranate chocolates using milk chocolate, honey, and pom juice....I can't imagine dark chocolate would be much different.

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      1. re: Quintious

        Why do you think molasses would do to the consistency? I don't think it would affect it adversely, considering that ganache can be made with other syrups such as honey, corn syrup, or glucose as an ingredient. Straight juice adds a lot of water and not much else.

      2. I don't know what pomegranate molasses tastes like. I would think it would taste more like molasses than pomegranate. It would also sweeten the chocolate which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

        If I was going to do it, I think I would use reduced pomegranate juice. If that doesn't provide enough flavor, you could augment it with Loran flavor oils. Yes they have pomegranate.

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        1. re: Hank Hanover

          Reduced Pomegranate Juice is Pomegranate Molasses.

          1. re: chefj

            Yes! The good ones : )

            Cheaper stuff is reduced and filled out with sugar, but if you get the good stuff, it's a really powerful thing, not too watery, just a pure burst of bright flavor, perfect for a ganache. Or a truffle. You'd use it just like a liquor to flavor. Say.......

            Okay now I am fully fascinated - Rockycat, I really hope you do it and let us all know how it goes!

            1. re: happybaker

              but even the cheap ones do not taste like Cane Molasses

              1. re: happybaker

                I was going to do a small test batch last night and realized that I only had enough cream left to put in my coffee. That's what happens when I let the kids make ice cream. As soon as I replace my stash, I'll run a test and report back.

                1. re: rockycat

                  Letting your kids have fun with cooking? What kind of example is that?! ; )

                  Looking forward to the test results, you could be helping to shape my holiday truffle plans...

              2. re: chefj

                Ahh .. so it is a very liberal definition of molasses. Ok, so you can use reduced pomegranate juice and swear it is molasses. It tastes like concentrated pomegranate juice and nothing like molasses. Sure that makes sense :-)

                Just as I don't have to be the one separating the fruit from the seeds....

                1. re: Hank Hanover

                  Yeah, they just call it that because it gets thick like molasses. A little goes a long way.

                  But.....the fruit IS the arils :P.

                  1. re: Hank Hanover

                    Yes. I have some produced in Lebanon that lists pomegranate reduction as its only ingredient. It is syrupy, but much more tangy than sweet. In fact, after tasting it I would suggest the OP start with 1 TB and taste, it is fairly strong stuff.

                    1. re: babette feasts

                      I will often use it as a swap in for balsamic in a salad dressing. Wonderful!

              3. Better late than never...but I finally made the ganache. I was making it as a tart filling so it was softer than what you'd want for a truffle.

                I used 1 lb. bittersweet chocolate (72% dark from TJ's - I assume it's made by Callebaut) and 2 c. liquid. I started with 2 Tbs. pomegranate molasses, decided that the pomegranate flavor wasn't quite what I wanted, and added another Tbs. for a total for 3 Tbs. After spooning the filling into the shell I sprinkled with pomegranate arils. I was lucky in getting a delicious fresh pomegranate and I liked the extra burst of flavor and texture.
                The only negative comments I received were from people who don't like dark chocolate who thought that the chocolate was too bitter. People who like dark chocolate were very complimentary. The family really liked it and I'd happily make it again.