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Sep 29, 2012 04:34 PM

Costco canned veggies

I would like comments on Costco's canned vegetables. I love Del Monte Blue Lake Green Beans and Le Seur Peas. I like them so much I can eat them cold out of the can. How do Costco's measure up to those taste, texture wise, etc. And how about their canned corn. I hate to buy a case and be disappointed. I don't want to have to carry them back.

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  1. I've personally been disappointed by the Kirkland Green Beans compared to my favorite, S&W, which Costco used to have in my area. For all I know they could be exactly the same and it could be the placebo effect, however.

    1. I find the Kirkland products to be equal or better than the national brands, that said, I like their frozen organic veggies.

      1. My husband likes the Kirkland brand green beans, but he's not terribly picky about canned green beans. I don't eat them myself, so I can't comment.