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Sep 29, 2012 03:17 PM

SBC in Hamden,Ct has closed

Drove by today and sign is down. Are their other locations closed too?

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  1. There is a SBC in Southport, CT. ( Exit 19 ), and 1 in down-town Stamford, CT! ( Both are very good).

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    1. re: temilove

      I went there recently for lunch and it was mediocre at best.

      1. re: westie

        Well I never said it was fine dining! It is your typical SBC... Good Beers,,Good Apps. Nice Lite Sandwiches & a fun sports bar.

    2. The ones in Milford and Southport are still open

      1. Just another in a long list of closed restaurants in a cursed location/building.
        Too much overhead for the amount of drinking business Hamden can provide.
        Medioicre Food, slow service and beer, who needed them?
        Not a 'happening' neighborhood to attract the 20-30 somethings they needed to survive. My 24 YO loves the Milford location because of all that's going on around it.
        We like lunch at Southport which caters to the 45+ crowd. Much better servers and food.

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        1. re: bagelman01

          Stamford is cool for a quick bite before a movie. ( Good down-town location for that ). Age varies according to what time and day you go! Salads & Sandwiches are still good. Bagelman, have you tried the "new " menu in Southport?

          1. re: temilove

            The SBC in Milford has pretty views of the waterfalls. The interior is worn, scuff marks everywhere, dirty carpets. Typical wear and tear from night time drinkers, revealed during the day. I found the beer quite bad, watery with no distinction. The food depressing: run of the mill bar food.

            1. re: chervil9

              GO SOUTHPORT OR STAMORD.......YOU WON'T FIND THAT TYPE OF MESS, I PROMISE YOU! ( It's worth a shot, right??? )

              1. re: temilove

                +1 on Southport especially for lunch
                Never been to the Stamford location, as I'm seldom downcounty.
                My 24 YO hangs at Milford, nights only, not my scene at 58

              2. re: chervil9

                Are you sure you aren't confusing Stonebridge with SBC? Don't think SBC has carpets, have never found it dirty/scruffy/scuffed up, and don't really think you can see the waterfalls from there...

                Not a huge SBC fan - but you must be going to a different SBC Milford than the one I've been to.

                1. re: Jestner

                  I do know the difference between Stonebridge and SBC. If you sit at the side windows of SBC you are sitting atop the steep ravine of the Wepauwaug River and can look down at the rushing waters. There were visible scuff marks and chipped corners around the bar area when I was there a while back during the day.

              3. re: temilove

                Last there about the end of June, don't know when new menu started. Will be there in about two weeks, will try it then

            2. Not surprising. Drive by when visiting my nephew and have never seen more than a handful of cars in the parking lot. So it's probably a good business decision if they weren't doing well in that location. The other pubs do well though, which has always surprised me given the quality of the beer and seemingly overpriced for what you get food. To each their own though.

              I've heard their beer quality has improved of late though? I walk by the Stamford location twice daily and just can't force myself inside to bother and sample any, given my past experiences.

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              1. re: LorenV

                Loren, althought I am/was not a fan, don't let the parking lot deceive you. The streetfront parking lot is small. There is a huge lot in back not easily seen while driving by. Over the past 30 years (no matter which restaurant was there) we always parked in the back, as there was much more space to turn and flatter walking access.

                All in all the location has been cursed from day 1 when the original operator wanted top open as Sambo's and the greater New Haven Black community rose up in arms. I can't even remember all the names of those who have failed there, Ponderosa 'Grand Buffet'. a seafood house, a steak place, another failed plastic Italian restaurant, SBC,

                My family was in business in that neighborhood from 1955-a976 and I lived within blocks from 1988-2004. The neighborhood has gone to hell. The innercity blight has crept north up Dixwell from New Haven, average income is down and the area can't support as many 'large size restaurants as there are buildings. Applebee's folded, and their location has returned to being a pancake restaurant, as it started in 1962-3, They tore down Red Lobster and Olive Garden for a Bed Bath and Beyond and CVS. A huge steak restaurtant stood where Peoples Bank is now.

                SBC had no chance at that location, not a business lunch destination (better on Whitney near Town Hall) and too far from Quinnipiac to benefiot from the few legal age college students.

                1. re: bagelman01

                  Wasn't it a Bennigan's as well? Seems oddly similar to the old Bennigan's location in Milford which has been umpteen different restaurants since. If a location sucks.

                  BTW, SBC was at least in Hamden for a while though, no?

                  1. re: LorenV

                    Bennigans was the steak place I referred to, it was so foirgettable, I forgot the name.
                    SBC lasted a few years, no where as long as the others.

                    Location had nothing to do with Milford or Hamden Bennigan's closing, the whole chain went bust.

                    1. re: bagelman01

                      While I agree as to the extreme mediocrity of SBC, it was the only non-national chain informal restaurant in the Hamden/Northern New Haven area. With the options being Chili's and Fridays, SBC was our defacto choice for a sandwich or a burger.
                      I remember when they first opened (the original Southport location) - it was a real novelty...a restaurant that brewed its own beer and had reasonably decent food. Over the past few years, there has been a very noticeable decline in the quality of both brew and food. Additionally, the Hamden location really needed an updating, especially the back bar area.
                      I long for the days of the Seafood Peddlar/Captain Al's. Not gourmet food, but very decent seafood at affordable prices. It's hard to imagine what other restaurant will have the guts to move into a place that has had so many failures!

                      1. re: lsnhc

                        I agree with much of what you say, but there are MANY independent informal restaurants in Hamden/North Haven.

                        I'd rather have a beer and burger at the Playwright on Whitney, or Pizza at Sorrento or any drink and bar food at Eli's---certainly none of thgese require jacket and tie.

                        Hamden and North Haven have a history of not supporting National Chains, especially when not inside shopping centers.

                        And as to who wioll have the guts to move in, any operator who can't afford the start up costs of fitting out a complete restaurant. The kitchen fixtures and much of the bar/dining room fixtures belong to the landlord and it can be picked up for the price of a distressed rental.
                        This is why you see so many repeat restaurants in some failed locations. A bew operator can get started wioth the cost of payroll, a couple months rents and a weeks supply of food, booze and linens.

                        1. re: bagelman01

                          I agree with you. However, living near the New Haven/Hamden border, it was always so convenient just getting off the Wilbur Cross and being right at SBC. Eli's is quite a bit more of a "schlep" (yep...I'm MOT!).
                          As for pizza......that's a whole other story...

                          1. re: lsnhc

                            Lived from 1954-1988 at Exit 59, But our business was in the Hamden Plaza.

                            Lived from 1988-2004 on Mix Avenue Exit 60

                            so I understand where you come from

                            Since late 3004 I'm in the Culinary wasteland of Trumb ull, so we dine in Milford and New Haven every week.

                            I'm in Hamden 3x per month. Usually eat at Mickey's at least once, and although I have neckties that are probably older than you, I try never to wear one unless appearing in court for a client.
                            and the chances are I lknow you or your family.....................................

                            1. re: bagelman01

                              I'm probably older than you ;-) (62 - 63 in a few weeks)

                              1. re: lsnhc

                                Older by me by 4 years, about 9 months younger than my sister and 3 years younger than my brother.
                                Davis, Sheridan...Lee (me) Hillhouse (siblings)

                                1. re: bagelman01

                                  Lived on Kohary Dr!

                                  1. re: lsnhc

                                    I was on Stevenson, stayed in public schools because mother was a principal

                                    1. re: bagelman01

                                      Then we obviously must know each other......

                        2. re: lsnhc

                          When they first opened in Southport their beers were actually good as well. Once they expanded they started to spread themselves out too thin I think.

                          Maybe I'll swing by the Stamford spot soon and check out a sampler of their beers. Their fall seasonal Southtoberfest was always at least decent.

                      2. re: LorenV

                        my neighbor used to live in the house that was onsite before the restos arrived, early 70s...I believe it was torn down for Sambo's. Have to agree w Bagel re creeping blight, tho I think the high school is the current demarcation